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The Mission Memo: August 13, 2020

Board Governance, Community Impact, Nonprofit Leadership, Nonprofit Operations, Program Management, Revenue Development

August 13, 2020

Applications for Tennessee Community CARES Program Close on August 15
The Tennessee Community CARES Program will provide $150 million in direct federally funded aid to nonprofit organizations located across Tennessee and serving Tennesseans. Applications are due this Saturday, August 15. Visit the Department of Human Services website for information about eligibility, applications, and more. Learn more.


CNM Members Get 10% Off Virtual Self-Care Summit
CNM is a proud sponsor of the Virtual Self-Care Summit hosted by local nonprofit Day 7 on September 14th-18th. Workshops will consist of tools and practices to care for yourself and also training sessions related to the management of teams and tools to continue your work in excellence. Access your discount with code “CNMCARE” at checkout.


8/18: Seeds of Equity – In Collaboration with Vanderbilt University Medical Center
$15 for CNM members; $30 for nonmembers
SESSION HIGHLIGHT: This one-hour Seeds of Equity training provides an introduction to health equity. Through sharing of data and real life stories of how policies have shaped Nashville, it prompts audiences to consider steps they can take to address health equity on an individual, organizational, and systemic level.Learn more.
8/19: Crucial Conversations in the Workplace
$100 for CNM members; $200 for nonmembers
SESSION HIGHLIGHT: How do you approach conflict in the workplace? In this workshops, learn more about how to have crucial conversations in the workplace. Join expert conflict mediator Dawn Stone to learn how to bring up sensitive issues in a way that’s psychologically safe for you and others to speak candidly...Learn more.
8/21: Systems Change for Social Change Makers
$100 for CNM members; $200 for nonmembers
SESSION HIGHLIGHT: Systems change has increased in popularity with nonprofits, funders, and practitioners who are ready to focus on the root causes of social problems. But what is systems change, and how can you use it? Join Systems Change expert and practioner Rod DeVore to learn more about what it is and what it looks like in the real world...Learn more.
9/2: CEO Conversations: Power Sharing in Your Organization
Free for CNM members; $20 for nonmembers
SESSION HIGHLIGHT: Join CNM Consultants Kia Jarmon & Noah Spiegel to learn more about power sharing within your organization. Explore questions such as how your modern organization fits into the historical context of how nonprofits are formed, how you as a leader do your own internal work, while helping move toward external progress, and how the leadership of your organization can distribute power more equitably...Learn more.