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Revenue Development

Executing your mission requires sustainable resources. Do you have an effective fundraising strategy in place to ensure future success? We have resources to help you assess your financial needs, make a fundraising plan, cultivate donor relationships, and develop new revenue streams to sustain your organization.

  • Build your knowledge of fundraising best practices.
  • Learn how to develop donor relationships.
  • Implement a new revenue stream.

Revenue Development


What does it take to bring your organization’s fundraising efforts to the next level to sustain your services for years to come?  The CNM Revenue Development & Fundraising Certificate addresses current needs in the nonprofit sector through a cohort model for peer learning. Participants will learn fundraising best practices in a culture of learning and feedback and walk away with a fundraising plan ready for implementation.

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Revenue Development


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Revenue Development


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  • First Day Podcast: A podcast from The Fund Raising School highlighting current news and research. This weekly 10 minute podcast provides fundraisers with the latest information in fundraising and philanthropy.
  • UnderDeveloped: A National Study of Challenges Facing Nonprofit Fundraising: Conducted by the management service organization Compass Point
  • Buying Fundraising Software: 6 Important Factors to Consider: Don’t learn this lesson the hard way. Before jumping into purchasing nonprofit software, consider the following factors.
  • Pay for Success: The First 25: A detailed, comparative analysis of the first 25 Pay for Success projects to launch in the United States.  It highlights lessons and contributions from these pioneering projects along with case studies and tables that look at everything from project structure to results, payments, and more.
  • Keeping People Engaged in Your Cause With Help From Behavioral Science: Nonprofits struggling to keep supporters excited about their causes should follow these five recommendations to make the most of Stanford behavioral scientist B.J. Fogg’s model for getting people to act.
  • Frameworks Institute: The FrameWorks Institute is a nonprofit think tank that advances the mission-driven sector’s capacity to frame the public discourse about social and scientific issues. The organization’s signature approach, Strategic Frame Analysis®, offers empirical guidance on what to say, how to say it, and what to leave unsaid.
  • How to Tell A Story: A downloadable PDF from Storybrand, the 7-part story structure that will help you tell your organization’s story better.
  • StoryBrand Brandscript: Clarify your message by creating a BrandScript, a tool of Storybrand.
  • PACE Releases Civic Language Perceptions Project: In late 2018, Philanthropy for Active Civic Engagement (PACE), an Independent Sector member, conducted research to learn how people perceive some of our sector’s most frequently used words to describe civic engagement work — including democracy, patriotism, activism, and justice. They asked a diverse and nationally representative set of participants which words resonated with them, what feelings they had about them, and whether and how they used these words in their own lives.
  • Your Social Media Strategy: What You Need to Know: An effective social media presence is dependent on a well-thought-out strategy that involves knowing your target audience, maintaining a defined and positive voice across platforms, providing compelling content, and consistently engaging with and responding to followers and their feedback.  Here’s where to start.