CNM catalysts are immersive learning experiences that combine both education and consulting in a cohort-based method. Propel your organization in a new direction by exploring our catalyst offerings. Questions about our catalysts?

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Innovation Catalyst

Diversified revenue streams can sustain your organization for years to come.

But do you have the time and resources to develop new ideas for increased revenue? Let our team of experts guide you through that process in our Innovation Catalyst.

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The Innovation Catalyst is a business incubator that helps nonprofits develop ideas for new earned revenue streams. During this nine-month intensive, a group of key stakeholders from your organization will form an Impact Team, brainstorm new ideas, and ultimately develop a fully implementable business plan. You’ll have the opportunity to work alongside our experts and cross-sector community partners as they help support your team and guide you to the finish line.

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Governance Catalyst

The key to a successful organization is building strong relationship between leaders.

CNM’s Governance Catalyst is an innovative and unique opportunity to enhance the relationship between executive directors and board chairs. Pairs will be chosen from a competitive application process to participate in an intensive, four-part series that is designed to improve communication and problem-solving and help their organizations achieve new levels of success in governance and mission delivery.

Interested in applying for the Governance Catalyst?

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The four-part series begins with three customized workshops, completed alongside the selected cohort participants. The workshop subjects are designed to build on one another for maximum impact. Fieldwork activities will be assigned between sessions.

Following the group cohort experience, each organization will receive eight hours of consulting to integrate these new practices within their respective boards and provide support on organization-specific issues. Depending on your organization’s needs, these services could include a site visit, executive coaching, governance toolkits, a board retreat, meeting facilitation, or other integration strategies.

Successful applicants to this catalyst will be required to contribute $175 per agency, just 10% of the total value for all services included. The remaining costs will be funded by the J.D. Elliott Leadership Development Fund.