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CNM Announces Membership Partnership with Tennessee Management Support Organizations

Nonprofit Operations

August 1, 2019

Nashville’s Center for Nonprofit Management (CNM) announced today a reciprocal partnership with three Tennessee-based nonprofit training organizations (NTO) – Alliance for Better Nonprofits (Knoxville), Momentum Nonprofit Partners (Memphis) and Venture Forward (Chattanooga) – to expand access to skills development for nonprofit professionals while building capacity for nonprofit organizationsMembers of the four NTOs can now take advantage of learning opportunities at the member rate, as pre-determined by the partnering organizations.

Through this commitment to partnering with nonprofit training organizations across Tennessee, CNM wants to increase its members’ knowledge base and expand learning networks across city limits. Nonprofit training organizations around the nation are making strides to remove barriers and address systemic inequities through intentional learning models such as
cohort-based learning and innovative program design.

“Developing relationships with neighboring nonprofit training organizations is important for empowering professionals and organizations to amplify impact,” said Momentum Nonprofit Partners CEO Kevin Dean. “Our new reciprocal agreement partners offer a variety of workshops and special engagement opportunities very different than what we provide to our members in Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee; for instance, the Center for Nonprofit Management offers a course this fall Implementing Equity Frameworks: Creating Systemic Change at a rate of $215 for nonmembers. However, our members can access the training at the member rate of $130 – a 40% discount. And this is the type of intentional training that moves progress forward which we look forward to our membership benefiting.”

The reciprocal agreement is an additional step toward a more equitable Tennessee through its provision of learning access to members of the partnering organizations, irrespective of their state of residence. Members of Alliance for Better Nonprofits; Center for Nonprofit Management; Momentum Nonprofit Partners and Venture Forward now receive discounted access to conferences, e-learning materials, and training opportunities such as single-day offerings; multi-day sessions; as well as online learning communities.

“We are absolutely thrilled to begin such a powerful partnership that speaks to the value of supporting our members that are solving complex community issues,” said CNM’s President and CEO Tari Hughes. “Cost should not be a barrier to building skills that drive impact and now with the opportunity to train in Chattanooga, Knoxville and Memphis, our members benefit from a variety of training at a fraction of the cost. This reciprocal partnership is one of many initiatives that we foresee helping our members expand their impact through replicable and innovative solutions.”

“Building impactful relationships is at the foundation of our work here at Alliance for Better Nonprofits and to enter into a reciprocal partnership that will expand how our members hone their skills is a pivotal moment for us all,” says Alliance for Better Nonprofits President Jerry Askew. “Our primary goal is to empower organizations to do their most efficient and impactful work. Now with access to training and additional learning resources from organizations that mirror our journey, professionals and organizations can broaden their capacity for impact.”

Members of the partnering organizations can visit www.cnm.org to find complete details and learn how to redeem the standard member rate for membership partner learning opportunities.

“The shift in how nonprofit professionals approach their work has happened and we want to meet them where they are and how they want to excel,” says Venture Forward Executive Director Laura McCann. ”The nonprofit professionals and organizations we serve thrive in learning environments that offer trailblazing solutions. Forging this reciprocal agreement across three cities provides boundless opportunities for them to do so and that is our priority here at Venture Forward.”

About Alliance for Better Nonprofits

Alliance for Better Nonprofits (ABN) serves nonprofits throughout the 25 counties of upper East Tennessee by building their capacity to be more efficient and effective in fulfilling their missions and serving their communities. At the same time, ABN serves as a catalyst for collaboration aimed at reducing duplication and increasing cooperation among nonprofits seeking to address community issues.

About Center for Nonprofit Management

Center for Nonprofit Management amplifies the impact of nonprofits and their partners by building nonprofit capacity through consulting services, educational workshops and trainings, collective impact programming, networking opportunities, special events, member resources, and more.

About Momentum Nonprofit Partners

Momentum Nonprofit Partners (MNP) acknowledges that a talented workforce is key for nonprofits to thrive while making an impact. In their work with nonprofit professionals and organizations in Arkansas, Tennessee and Mississippi, MNP collaborates to advance the sector toward equitable, measurable, and lasting change through skill building opportunities that span professional levels and function: emerging and senior leaders, finance and marketing, data management and program design; as well as public policy and advocacy.

About Venture Forward

Venture Forward inspires and sparks positive momentum for nonprofits and the community by strengthening organizations and the community through sharing information, providing training and professional development and encouraging collaboration. Venture Forward serves nonprofit staff, volunteers and boards seeking to engage with the sector and understand the need for nonprofits to optimize time and resources.