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Program Leader Certificate

Program leaders have an enormous impact on employee retention and engagement. People do not leave a job because of the work; they leave a job because of the management. Program leaders  are the translators of the organization’s strategy and implementation and are not typically new to managing people and programs.

Program leaders have experience in various positions such as supervisory positions as well as program management.  They play a key role in implementing an organization’s strategy and generating enthusiasm among employees to see it through. Indeed, they are the heart and soul of most organizations, and CNM has created a career pathway designed to provide learning and growth opportunities that are relevant to the nonprofit program leader.

The workshops offered in the program leader pathway can play a pivotal role in ensuring that program leaders get the support they need to be effective in their roles.

(To complete the Program Leader Certificate, complete the three core workshops plus three elective workshops. You may choose any three additional CNM workshop to fulfill your elective requirement.)

Stay tuned! Dates for Fall 2023 Cohort Being Finalized.

Core Workshops

All Required:

  • Part 1: Strategic Connection: Connecting Your Team to the Organization’s Vision
  • Part 2: Performance Management and Evaluation
  • Part 3: Taking Care of Your Teams / Addressing Staff Burnout

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Elective Workshops

Two Required:

You can select any two CNM workshops to complete your Program Leader Certificate. Please email if you have additional questions about electives or would like a list of CNM workshops on similar topics.

*For certificates that offer group coaching sessions, attendance at a group coaching session can take the place of one required elective*