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Dany Khieu

Community Impact Fellow

Dany Khieu is a Professional Fellow at the Center for Nonprofit Management, where she works closely with Dawn Stone, Director of Community Impact & Equity Initiatives, and other organizations’ teams on collective impact and equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) research, training, and development. Dany also takes part in the planning and implementation of outreach activities, visit target schools, nonprofits, and communities, and attend policy and advocacy meetings to foster strong relationships with partners and stakeholders. Dany aims to build on her leadership and management skills for the nonprofit sector and enhance her understanding of the best practices needed to grow and expand organizational capacity for backbone organizations across Middle Tennessee.

Dany holds a Master’s Degree in Education Studies from the University of Canberra, Australia, a Master’s Degree in Education Management and Planning from the Royal University of Phnom Penh, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from the Institute of Foreign Languages, Cambodia. She also participated in leadership programs and professional development opportunities in various countries such as the United States, Austria, Australia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Thailand.

With a decade of experience working to promote relevant, inclusive, and equitable quality education for girls and boys, Dany intends to bring together the policymakers, development partners, UN agencies, civil society actors, researchers, and educational practitioners to share their perspectives and reflect on good practices around policy development, dissemination, and implementation as well as how to address challenges prevalent in Cambodia’s education system, hoping to achieve gender equality and social justice for all. Therefore, throughout her professional affiliation at CNM, Dany aims to learn from the American education system and enrich her experience with nonprofit leadership and management which will directly impact her work once she returns to Cambodia.

When she is not working or studying, Dany enjoys her alone time in Nashville, roaming around neighborhood and honky-tonk areas, listening to random music, and contemplating life through watching a flowing river.