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NEW Member Benefit! Recruit Board Members on CNM’s “Board Builder”

Board Governance

August 22, 2022

We know that “build it and they will come” does not apply to board leadership succession.

Nonprofits must actively recruit a diverse pool to rotate board members. It is a leading practice to make an open call for board applications. This process opens new circles of influence (hint—good for fundraising….), invites in new advocates for the organization, and allows for more diversity on the board. CNM is pleased to announce that board member position openings can be submitted to the CNM job board, aka the “Board Builder”. This is complimentary to all CNM members. 

Two ways to recruit board members via CNM: 

  1. One method is to request a candidate submit their resume via email to learn more about the opening and opportunity.  
  2. Create an application that may include their narrative for wanting to serve with your organization. The nomination committee can sort from the applications to compare each candidate in a structured process.  

It is still advised that potential board members are screened in-person or on zoom, not accepted just by a submission.

Culture and fit are important. Potential candidates will want to know about the board culture, expectations, and other needs. Board service is a two-way relationship, it’s important to acknowledge what they will gain from service but also want they can and expect to give to the organization.   

In the job posting or while meeting with potential candidates, here is a list of things to share: 

  • Board job description and expectations 
  • Board culture, meeting style, and work systems (is this a governing or working board?) 
  • Current strategic plan (and how they can help make it a reality!) 
  • Financial standing and projections 
  • Programmatic outcomes and challenges  
  • Organizational bylaws, 990, and organizational committees  

While the CNM board posting will hopefully ignite some new leadership, it is also encouraged that organizations post their needs on their website, social media, and to their loyal stakeholders. If seeking specific expertise, reach out to niche associations (for example – your financial background would include the Tennessee CPA network).  

Nonprofits get the best board members when they clearly identify the expectations and how they can uniquely make an impact.  

Now post some openings!! 

Please review our CNM Board Posting Requirements & FAQ’s