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Stepping Stone Academy Foundation


Stepping Stone Academy Foundation


Job Summary

Do you want to make a big difference in the lives of young pregnant girls? You play a vital part in building a network of support for pregnant young girls as a volunteer for Stepping Stone Academy Foundation’s pregnancy support program. Your commitment will help them grow holistically and clear the path to a better future. 

Job Responsibilities

Mentoring and Guidance: Offer pregnant teenage females one-on-one or group mentoring, providing support, direction, and a sympathetic ear.

Support for Education: Help create and carry out educational initiatives that cater to the special requirements of teenagers who are pregnant while fostering academic achievement.

Resource Coordination: Assist in putting expectant teenagers in touch with the community, counseling programs, and medical facilities, among other crucial resources.

Facilitate workshops on parenting techniques, life skills, and prenatal care in cooperation with the program organizers.

Advocacy: Promote acceptance and understanding in the community by speaking out for the rights and well-being of teenage girls who are pregnant.


Empathy & Compassion: A sincere desire to assist teenage girls who are pregnant and a sympathetic attitude toward their particular difficulties.

Communication Skills: Establish rapport and trust with program participants via effective communication and active listening.

Knowledge or a desire to study the developmental requirements of pregnant teens is known as understanding teen development.

Dependability: A steady dedication to volunteering and participating in program activities.


Additional Information


Personal fulfillment, career and skill development, community involvement, social influence, and educational possibilities are all provided by volunteering. It gives one a feeling of direction, improves communication skills, develops leadership qualities, and creates pathways for future professional chances. In addition, volunteers may address social concerns, strengthen community relationships, and learn about women’s health. To improve volunteers’ knowledge and abilities, foundations frequently provide workshops and training sessions.

How to Apply

Email info@steppingstoneaf.org for your interest in volunteering!


  • Date Posted: December 23, 2023
  • Type: Part-Time
  • Job Function: Administrative
  • Service Area: Arts / Culture