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Doing Good

Volunteer Manager/Nonprofit Administrator

Doing Good


Job Summary

Work with the board and committees. Manage volunteers. Administer nonprofit duties.

Job Responsibilities

  • Volunteer management
  • Program development
  • Project management
  • Problem-solving
  • Handle multiple duties and prioritize successfully
  • Track and compile data, create reports when needed


  • Provide consistent management, support, guidance and coaching to the nonprofit’s volunteers, clientele and partners.
  • Work with the following committees when needed:
    • Finance
    • Grant Writing
    • Human Resources
    • Leadership Development
    • Legal
  • Ability to learn and adapt as the nonprofit grows and changes.
  • Willingness to learn or already have experience with: Google Drive, HubSpot, Constant Contact, QuickBooks, Trello, WordPress, GoDaddy, Adobe, Illustrator and/or Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Have reliable computer, phone and transportation when necessary.

Additional Information



  • Part-time.
  • Work from home most of the time.
  • Develop relationships.
  • Work is focused inside the nonprofit.

Preferred Experience

  • Nonprofit work.
  • Management of others.

How to Apply

Send resume and LinkedIn profile to megan@doinggood.tv. State why you are interested in the role in the body of the email.

The interview process begins with a phone call and involves a Zoom meeting and an in-person conversation.



  • Date Posted: January 19, 2023
  • Type: Contract / Temp
  • Job Function: Administrative
  • Service Area: Other
  • Start Date: 03/20/2023
  • Salary Range: $1000/month
  • Working Hours: 15-20 hrs/wk