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Stepping Stone Academy Foundation


Stepping Stone Academy Foundation


Job Summary

Volunteering with Stepping Stone Academy Foundation offers a meaningful impact, community connection, skill development, and flexible opportunities. The organization seeks volunteers to mentor pregnant teen girls, help spread awareness in local schools and communities, and assist in event planning. The organization also offers a variety of volunteer roles to suit individual skills, interests, and availability. 

Job Responsibilities

  • Planning Strategically: Work together to create and carry out the foundation’s strategic plan.
  • Advocacy: Represent the foundation in the community by advancing its goals and core principles.
  • Encourage fundraising efforts to obtain funds for the foundation’s projects and operations.
  • Governance: Assure efficient and moral operations by providing supervision and direction.


  • A strong dedication to the foundation’s purpose and a passion for education.
  • Experience as a leader in non-profits, business, education, or similar industries.
  • Strong interpersonal and teamwork abilities.
  • A readiness to engage fully in committee and board sessions

Additional Information


The benefits of volunteering for teen pregnant girls highlight the importance of providing support, guidance, and resources during this critical phase. Professional development opportunities, such as skill enhancement, hands-on experience in social services, networking opportunities, and establishing collaborative partnerships. The personal growth opportunities include empathy, cultural competency, a sense of purpose, community engagement, and advocacy skills. The volunteer role also offers flexible commitments, recognition, and appreciation for the work done. Educational insights including staying updated on current issues related to teen pregnancy, education, and social services. Enjoying a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction as they witness the positive changes and progress made by the individuals they support.  Builds meaningful relationships with the teen pregnant girls and fellow volunteers, creating a supportive community. 

How to Apply

Contact Colleen Howe at Colleen@steppingstoneaf.org 


  • Date Posted: February 27, 2024
  • Type: Part-Time
  • Job Function: Accounting / Financial Management
  • Service Area: Board Leadership