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Park Center

Residential Support Coordinator – From $18.22 per hour

Park Center


Job Summary

Reports to the Residential Services Supervisor with responsibility for working with residents on psychiatric rehabilitation goals to foster independence in Supported Housing

*This is a part-time overnight and weekends position*


Job Responsibilities


1. Interact one-on-one and in group settings with residents:

A. Forms relationships with residents by talking with them and reading their history and assessments in the charts. Socializes with them on each shift to build rapport and a trusting, friendly bond.

B. Knows the goals of each resident by reading the Service Plans or attending Service Plan meetings. Becomes familiar with each goal and the rationale for it. Addresses the goals with the resident during the shift. Informs the Housing Case Manager of additional goals as the resident counselor becomes aware of goals.

C. Creates learning opportunities and teachable moments with residents to promote further knowledge and independence.

D. Supervises individual residents as residents take medications. Discusses the medications, the proper dosage, and the time it is to be taken. Educates residents on how to take their medication independently.

E.  Assists residents with daily skills such as cooking, general housekeeping, hygiene, and other activities of independent living.

F.  Encourages residents to participate in community activities offered by Park Center and have the residents sign up on the calendar.

G. Ensures the safety of all residents by checking regularly during shifts. Knows where the residents are and what they are doing throughout the shift.

H. Ensures that client rights are enforced.

2. Collaborate with other housing staff to provide a team approach to service provision:

A. Collaborates with Housing Coordinator and Housing Case Manager to provide psychiatric rehabilitation services to residents.

B. Assists with groups and individual sessions with residents as instructed by housing staff.

C. Communicates important information to Housing Case Manager via email or phone call.  Progress notes are read often but not daily; therefore, some information should be communicated as soon as possible.

3. Maintain daily operation of living facilities:

A. Ensures that the house is kept neat and clean by assisting residents in completing assigned chores on a daily basis.

B. Coordinates room turnover for new residents. Dispose of belongings left behind, clean the room, and launder linens.

C. Keeps linens clean and neatly organized in closets or other designated areas.

D. Maintains residents’ personal food in designated areas, and keeps it clean, organized, and in containers.

E. Notifies supervisor of maintenance issues as they arise.

F. Performs and documents monthly fire drills (as assigned).

4. Recordkeeping Duties:

A. Document daily progress notes on each resident in AWARDS as well as document house activities in the house logbook.

B. Documents when medication is given by initialing medication log.

C. Completes night security checks of the house when applicable.

D. Completes shift change checklist at the beginning of every shift.

E. Documents outings and activities on the Outings and Activities form.

F. Clocks in and out using the ADP system and records time on paper timesheets.

G. Completes Work Plan quarterly.

5. Values cultural competence and diversity:

Collaborates with staff, members, and the community to gain the perspectives of others having diverse opinions, abilities, values, beliefs, perspectives, and ethnic or cultural backgrounds.

Takes deliberate steps to increase own cultural competency by attending trainings, events, discussions, workshops, etc.

6. Other duties as a member of Park Center Housing Staff:

A. Attends mandatory staff meetings on payday.  Absences must be approved by Supervisor.

B. Completes Essential Learning courses by deadline.

C. Keeps up with current issues and correspondence by reading emails on each shift.

D. Assist with housing events and extra activities as applicable.

E. Maintains good attendance and punctuality. Follow the policy for vacation and sick time.

F. Follows all Personnel Policies and Procedures.

G. Follows HIPAA confidentiality guidelines.

H. Follows emergency procedures (i.e.: resident crisis, injury, or weather).

I. Follows on Call procedure.


  • • A high school diploma or GED
  • • A minimum of three years experience in a related field
  • •  Ability to work independently and under minimal supervision
  • • Good oral and written communication skills
  • • Strong professional and ethical behaviors
  • • Knowledge of basic computer skills


The position involves working with residents who have behavioral health concerns and who may at times exhibit behavioral issues. Potential exposure to communicable diseases including the common cold, flu, and hepatitis.

The position requires availability to work irregular hours, including evenings, overnights, and weekends.


Must be able to sit, walk, stand, twist, and bend for brief periods of time.   Occasional reaching and or grasping using hand and/or arms.  May be required to move or lift up to 20 pounds.  May be required to ascend/descend stairs.  Regular use of hands requires dexterity in using the telephone, computer keyboard, or mouse.  Ability to handle disruptions due to requests from residents.

Additional Information


  • 403(b)
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Health

How to Apply

Apply on our website: https://parkcenternashville.org/careers/


  • Date Posted: August 20, 2023
  • Type: Part-Time
  • Job Function: Other
  • Service Area: Other
  • Salary Range: $18.22/hr