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Amqui Station

Onsite Amqui Events & Operations Manager

Amqui Station


Job Summary

The Amqui Tennessee Passenger Station and Signal Tower were built by the Louisville & Nashville Railroad in 1910. Typical of southern station designs found in the region, it had deeply over-hanging eaves supported by triangular knee braces, had an agent-operator’s office and baggage room, engine room, battery room, second-story signal operator’s room, and separate waiting rooms for black and white passengers.

Johnny Cash often visited the signalmen at Amqui Station during the 1970s. He acquired the old train station in 1979, saving it from demolition. Today, it has been restored to a museum and educational center. A visitor’s center and pavilion have also been added for special programs and events, such as the Women’s History Month event, Tennessee Maneuvers Reenactment, Veterans Remembrance Day Living Encampment, and many more!

We seek a part-time on-site events coordinator and operations manager to handle our event rentals and back-end administrative duties. 

Job Responsibilities

Coordinate Rentals

  • Create and maintain a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Events,
    including a self-service rental guide
  • Respond to inquiries and coordinate tours for prospective events and rentals
  • Provide on-site support when issues arise for events (confirm backup if not
  • Ensure remote access for events is working properly – smart lock, wifi, etc.
  • Follow-up for security deposits after events
  • Add all upcoming rentals to the master Google calendar shared with the board

Plan and Coordinate Events

  • Work with the board to plan 5 additional events annually outside or in
    coordination with farmers’ markets (50-forward movies, movie nights, etc.), this
    includes coordination of hands-on Nashville and other volunteers
  • Add all upcoming events to the master Google calendar shared with the board

Facility Management

  • Coordinate 3-5 hands-on Nashville volunteer days per year
  • Ensure the cleaning schedule is maintained, especially after event clean-up
    coordination or forfeit of security deposits (security deposit checklist?)
  • Source vendors as needed
  • Maintain inventory (chairs, tables, etc.)
  • Utilities; ensure all are working properly


  • Oversee payment for events and rentals
  • Manage security deposits
  • Work with a CPA firm (Stone & Jones) and Treasurer to create a budget and
    quarterly review


  • Maintain website
  • All social media profiles
  • Respond to messages within 2 days
  • Graphics
  • Signage


  • Experience with managing and coordinating events
  • Comfortable managing the needs of a historic facility
  • Creative mind for marketing 
  • Comfortable with generating financial transactions

Additional Information


$25/ hour with a quarterly bonus structure of 10% of total rentals paid in March, June, September, and December.

How to Apply

Email resume and a brief letter of interest to execdirector@amquistation.org  


  • Date Posted: April 27, 2024
  • Type: Part-Time
  • Job Function: Administrative
  • Service Area: Arts / Culture
  • Start Date: 05/15/2024
  • Salary Range: $25/hr + quarterly bonus structure of 10% of rentals
  • Working Hours: 8 hours/week