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Linden Waldorf School

Middle School Language Arts Teacher

Linden Waldorf School


Job Summary

Position: Middle School Language Arts Teacher

Status: Full-time, Salaried

Primary Function:

The Middle School (6-8) Language Arts Teacher is considered to be knowledgeable in their subject and is responsible for developing, planning, and teaching according to the school’s Language Arts scope and sequence. This position reports directly to the Director of Education.

Job Responsibilities

Primary Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Prepare and teach grades 6-8 Language Arts classes, specifically following the curriculum designated by LWS, and guided by the principles of Waldorf Education.
  • Hold responsibility for the success of the Middle School Language Arts Program, working in partnership with all other faculty, especially the Middle School team and the Director of Education.
  • Develop and maintain a safe, harmonious, social environment for the students.
  • Provide regular communication to the class teacher and parents about curriculum and student progress.
  • Participate in additional responsibilities, example recess coverage for grades 1-8.
  • Attend class/parent meetings at request of class teacher to explain subject curriculum, answer parent questions, and foster familiarity between parents and subject teachers.
  • Hold parent-teacher conferences at the designated time(s), and as needed to discuss student academic or disciplinary concerns.
  • Attend Student Support meetings as requested to support Middle School students with additional needs.
  • Document observations of each student related to successes and challenges of presented curriculum.
  • Be available during work periods for additional student support.
  • Complete accurate and detailed reports as applicable for students in grades 6-8, covering each student’s progress in Language Arts, according to the school’s standard for reporting.
  • Submit reports by assigned deadlines.
  • Attend regular mentoring meetings at the discretion of the Director of Education.
  • Have working familiarity of the Elementary Grades’ (1-5) Language Arts curriculum, observing and/or substituting in those classes occasionally.
  • Stay knowledgeable on the Nashville area high school Language Arts programming requirements to assure the smooth transition of Linden’s students.
  • Hold awareness of the language arts content of the ERB and the ISEE exams for standardized requirements as well as how that content syncs with the LWS curriculum.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Maintaining and striving for an openness to understand Waldorf Education and child development.
  • Attendance and participation in weekly faculty meetings and inservice workshops.
  • Attendance and participation in weekly section meetings.
  • Service on at least one (1) faculty committee. First year teachers may be exempt from this requirement.
  • Attendance/assistance at major all-school activities.
  • Attendance at all-school meetings as indicated by administration.
  • Willingness to participate in the enrollment process of new students, particularly in discussions of student placement.
  • Participation in the design and execution of an individualized plan for professional development.
  • Attendance at Waldorf education summer training as identified as appropriate by the Director of Education.
  • Other duties as assigned.


Required Qualifications:

Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited university in Education or a related field

3 – 4 years previous classroom experience

Interest in and appreciation for Waldorf Education

Preferred Qualifications:

Master’s Degree from an accredited university in Education of a related field

Have completed, or interest in Waldorf Certification

Additional Information


Salary is scaled based on experience and education.

How to Apply

Please visit our website at www.lindenwaldorf.org


  • Date Posted: April 10, 2023
  • Type: Full-Time
  • Job Function: Educator
  • Service Area: Children / Youth