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Exile International

Executive Director

Exile International


Job Summary

Exile International is a nonprofit organization that provides healing and hope to rescued child soldiers and children orphaned by war to become leaders for peace. We work with local leaders to provide art-focused trauma care and holistic, rehabilitative care, seeing over 6700 war-affected children’s lives forever changed since 2008. Today, the organization is poised to expand its work by growing its programs and passionately serving the next generation of African leaders!

Mission: Empowering rescued child soldiers and children orphaned by war to become leaders for peace through art-focused trauma care & holistic rehabilitation. 

Method: Healing of spirits, minds, and bodies. 

Motivation: Bring good news to the poor, heal the brokenhearted, and proclaim freedom to the captives. –– Isaiah 61:1

Exile International’s ministry is founded on scripture-based principles that guide every organizational decision — from the far reaches of DR Congo and Uganda to the heart of Nashville. Exile’s teammates commit daily to these values to best serve and empower child survivors of war while protecting their dignity and identity as children of God. Exile International provides holistic, rehabilitative care utilizing a three-tier, curricula-based model called the Hope Initiative, which was created to restore war-affected children and youth’s spirits, minds, and bodies.


The Board of Directors is seeking a leader for the role of Executive Director to lead Exile Int’l. The Executive Director (ED) provides executive leadership and management to achieve excellence within all activities of Exile International’s vision, programs, and operations. The ED is responsible for managing the organization’s operational functions, including team leadership, implementation of planning, administration, fundraising, board reporting, financial management, and communications/Public Relations.  

Job Responsibilities

Responsibilities to the Board:  

The ED is accountable to the Exile Board of Directors, develops and maintains a strong working relationship with the board, and is responsible for all board reporting. The ED develops and maintains systems for sharing information, enabling the board to carry out its governance role effectively. The ED receives feedback from the EI Board, which reviews performance, compensation, and expenses associated with the position. 

Relationship to the Founder and Senior Advisor: 

The ED meets regularly with the Founder and Senior Advisor to provide updates, gain counsel related to programming and culturally specific challenges, and access institutional knowledge.  The Founder and Senior Advisor acts as a sounding board and confidant for the ED regarding programmatic direction and challenges. The ED is a liaison between the board, founder, senior advisor, and the day-to-day operations and implementations. The Board, Founder, and Senior Advisor delegate the management of the organization’s operational functions as listed below.  


The ED supervises the Senior Director of Advancement and the Senior Director of Operations and Programs. 

The ED will have responsibility for Exile’s mission, including: 

Leadership of the Organization and Planning:  

Preparing for the future is one of the most critical leadership responsibilities of the ED.  Working with the Board and the Senior Advisor, the ED implements a shared vision for the organization’s future, builds understanding around the vision, mission, and culture, and develops appropriate goals and strategies to advance that vision, mission, and culture.


The ED is responsible for the organization’s day-to-day operations in the US and Abroad. The ED ensures that staff develop, maintain, and use systems and resources that facilitate the organization’s effective operation toward the strategic plan’s objectives. The ED ensures critical positions are adequately staffed, ensures the development of succession planning for key positions, and develops the team through coaching and reinforcement.  The ED ensures a culture of performance learning and works to attract and retain top performers.

Oversight of programs on the ground in Africa:  

The ED and the Program Manager will oversee Exile’s programmatic work, ensuring that programs are aligned with the strategic plan and advance the organization’s mission. The ED is responsible for developing relationships with and communicating regularly with partners on the ground with the mindset of strategy and program development. The ED will work closely with the Program Manager to provide needs assessments for EI partners. The ED will work with the Program Manager to lead communication with country leaders on strategy and higher-level decisions. The ED is responsible for traveling at least two times a year, spending 5 days in each country, including co-leading and coordinating meetings in the country when visiting programs in Congo. The ED is responsible for administrative oversight and ensuring programs are achieving their intended impact. The ED is also responsible for providing oversight of in-country teams to ensure they can carry out necessary tasks, allowing them to implement programs that further Exile’s mission.


The ED and the Senior Director of Engagement are responsible for revenue that enables the organization to meet its financial development goals and carry out its programs and operations. The ED ensures that fundraising plans and strategies are developed and carried out. 

Board Reporting:  

The ED develops and maintains a strong working relationship with the board, develops a system for sharing information that enables the board to effectively carry out its governance role, and receives feedback from the board.  

Financial Management:  

The ED is responsible for ensuring that resources are managed wisely. The ED sees that the organization’s goals and strategic plan serve as the basis for sound financial management, ensures that solid budgeting and accounting systems are in place, and ensures that appropriate financial controls and risk-management strategies protect the organization’s assets. ED will be responsible for setting the organization’s revenue strategy under the supervision of the Board of Directors. The ED will also prepare a comprehensive annual budget for the Board of Directors and ensure monthly income and expenses are according to projections with the finance team.

Communication and Public Relations:    

The ED effectively promotes the organization, advocates for the mission and work, and builds relationships with constituent or stakeholder groups critical to the organization’s success.  The ED serves as a spokesperson if needed for any crisis Public Relations communications.


The Board of Directors seeks an individual with significant leadership experience, preferably in the nonprofit sector, including experience setting and executing a vision and strategy and experience leading and coaching a team. The Board of Directors seeks an individual with a collaborative spirit and continues to be committed to a collaborative work environment that inspires, supports, and respects all individuals both on our US team and teams in Congo and Uganda. The Executive Director is expected to lead a high-performing collaborative team to deliver on the above responsibilities, and the Board of Directors will consider leaders with various skill sets for this role. Given the nature of Exile’s work, the ED is expected to work well cross-culturally and virtually. The ED is expected to abide by policies, procedures, core values, and EI work-life code as described in the Employee Handbook.

This position will require travel to engage with Exile staff, stakeholders, and EI teams in Uganda and Congo. 

Additional Information


This is a full-time position, working Monday through Friday alongside the Exile team out of a Nashville-based office, along with some evenings and weekends (as needed). We offer competitive benefits, including; paid time off, a monthly health care stipend (for full-time employees), and an opportunity to participate in a 401k retirement plan (for full-time employees). 

How to Apply

More information about Exile can be found at https://exileinternational.org

Applications for this role should be sent to info@exileinternational.org with the subject line “Executive Director Application.”  Please send your resume, cover letter, and three professional references


  • Date Posted: April 3, 2024
  • Type: Full-Time
  • Job Function: Executive Leadership
  • Service Area: Children / Youth