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World Hunger Team


World Hunger Team


Job Summary

Leadership role at a 13-year-old non-profit. Assume all operational responsibilities including fundraising, promotion, public speaking, and ’empire’ building.
The current CEO will stay on as Chairman Emeritus / Chief of Skunk Works. 

We create SYSTEMS to grow food where little food is currently grown. There is a very real and tangible need for our services. I need a self-starter who can connect the people/organizations in need – with the proper funding – to implement our programs on a large scale.

I will build the SYSTEMS; you will build the DREAM.

Job Responsibilities

Managing the business side of a non-profit, which I am personally NOT good at. Must love details, phone calls, networking, schmoozing. You get the picture.

Running and building a non-profit takes a special set of skills both business and personal.  It takes a fireball with a commitment to the mission. 

So before you consider this role, please embrace the mission as it really is.  This is a service to the Lord; we are simply the propagators here on earth.


  • Vision.  You must see the vision and embrace the fact that we are feeding God’s children. And more importantly, we are “teaching them how to fish.” Every Christian knows this story.  But you don’t have to be a Christian to work with us; our Chief Strategy Office lives in Austin, Texas, and is a Buddhist. 
  • Drive.  Running a non-profit is actually a time-intensive job.  You have to enjoy filling out grant requests, maintaining a marketing schedule, organizing fundraising programs, meeting with potential donors, etc.  This can take a lot of time and effort, but the right person will THRIVE on this stuff.
  • Entrepreneurial Fever.  Hey, it’s okay to participate in the business of saving the world, especially if those programs are saving lives. Up for discussion is binding ownership of a portion of the patents and manufacturing rights to our patent-pending “Tower of Life” invention, which will be manufactured under a FOR-profit organization. The upside potential could be quite significant, particularly given the interest in commercial domestic production. Plus we have ready-for-market programs in other categories.

Additional Information


Unfortunately, none in the short term. This is a volunteer position, but it is also the acquisition of an existing A-rated non-profit. If you are ready to play on a larger stage, this could be the role you are looking for. You would have to be financially secure enough to float your own efforts for the short term.  But you will also be astute enough to know how to secure larger donations from the top people and organizations in a reasonably rapid fashion. So compensation won’t be too far down the road. 

Also be aware that we are in the process of opening a Washington, D.C. office.  This will put us on the map with the largest charitable donors in the world.  It will also require socializing in that area on an ongoing basis. And there are personal advantages to being seen on that particular stage that could be advantageous to the right person.

How to Apply

Call my office in Donelson, at 615-844-4244.  Or toll-free 1-800-391-1201. Or email me at randall@worldhungerteam.org


  • Date Posted: August 3, 2023
  • Type: Full-Time
  • Job Function: Communications / Marketing / PR
  • Service Area: Other
  • Start Date: 09/05/2023
  • Working Hours: Self-determined