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Hope Clinic for Women

Clinical Director

Hope Clinic for Women


Job Summary

Clinical Director at Hope Clinic


Hope Clinic is a faith-based safe and confidential place for anyone dealing with life choices regarding past, present, and future pregnancies. We provide medical care, professional counseling, education, mentorship, and practical support regardless of age, race, religion, or ability to pay.


As Hope Clinic’s Clinical Director, we’re looking to you to set the strategy for our Clinical process and flow, enable your team to execute, and scale our clinical capacity by 20% over the next year. Initially, you’ll have a team of four reporting to you: a Medical Manager, a Counseling Manager, a Pregnancy Advocacy Manager, and a Receptionist. Your team may grow over time. It will be your role to ensure that Hope Clinic’s clinical services are structured, standardized, and best in class to serve the needs of all who come through our doors, Monday through Friday.

Job Responsibilities

Within the first few months on the job, we’d expect you to:

  • Get up to speed on Hope Clinic, the team, EOS (entrepreneurial operating system), and organizational objectives. You’ve integrated yourself within the Clinical Org and the team comes to you as their first resource and support with questions, concerns, and needs.
  • You’ve guided our transition to paperless practices to completion by:
  • Finalizing our implementation of Yosi, our digital patient intake application.
  • Standardized our EHR (Athenahealth) use and trained the clinical staff on efficiencies related to this tool.  
  • Digitized our medical records.
  • Help us with efficiency gains:
  • You’ve implemented efficiency-builders like virtual appointment booking, and room booking software, and are maximizing our capacity to serve clients by overlapping staffing schedules with the highest times of need…all the while ensuring we have space on the agenda to serve walk-ins.
  • All of our clients know what to expect from their appointments, including the duration of the appointment, and any needed follow-ups after their appointments.
  • You’ve organized the team and physical space to increase the volume of our utilization by 20% over the next year.
  • Roll out industry best practices across the organization:
  • You’ve updated our library of clinical protocol. You’ve also revamped our core processes to reflect best-in-class clinical protocol and practices.
  • You and your team have documented, simplified, and implemented revised clinical workflows.
  • Research and develop a draft vision to launch Hope Clinic’s initial offering for a prenatal care program in collaboration with our Medical Manager.
  • Build our capacity to become AAAHC accredited.



  • Have 6+ years of experience leading and managing a team of clinicians. This means you likely have some sort of clinical credentialing, whether you have an RN, LMFT, NP, LPN, etc. 
  • You’re comfortable and confident building and enabling a clinical care model.
  • Demonstrated success in growing clinical capacity at a similar organization.


We believe if you display the following competencies in addition to the experience above, you’ll be successful in this role:

  • Mission-oriented. You align with Hope Clinic’s values and vision.
  • Move with purpose. You’re biased to action. You know how to identify and prioritize your initiative’s needs and do what it takes to ensure that urgent and important needs are acted on immediately.
  • Comfort with ambiguity.  You have a proven track record of success within scaling businesses, fast-paced environments, and startups. You understand that rapid changes to the business, strategy, organization, and priorities are par for the course.
  • Expertise. You’re a former clinician who has built out care programs, made systems more efficient, managed teams, and grown the capacity of the organizations you’ve worked for.
  • Player/Coach. You’ve built and developed a team. You’re never afraid to get your hands dirty, but you can take a step back and think through strategic opportunities and solutions from 30,000 feet.
  • Discerning. You are level-headed and make sound judgments, even under the pressure of a clinical environment.
  • Cares personally. You are a compassionate leader who supports and advocates for your team members as image-bearers of God.
  • Take responsibility. You are an owner of your work and your team’s output. Your team’s final product is your final product.
  • Galvanizing. Proven track record of understanding how and when to delegate. This allows you to take a step back and lead with a long-term strategic vision, without being caught in the weeds.



  • Positive Attitude
  • Resilient in Trial
  • Grounded in Hope


  • Honors the sanctity of all human life
  • Meets clients where they are – Platinum Rule
  • Keeps the main thing the main thing


  • Takes initiative
  • Brings our best every day
  • Seeks learning and development


  • Interdependent between departments
  • Supportive of each other
  • Collaborating kindly and honestly


  • Rests in Christ’s finished work
  • Comes with a filled cup
  • Grace-giving and grace-filled

Additional Information


  • PTO: 10 vacation days, 6 personal/sick days, 13 paid holidays throughout the year
  • 90% employer-paid health, dental, and vision insurance
  • 401k plan with employer match
  • Base Compensation Range: $70,000-$75,000

How to Apply

If you’re interested in this position, please submit an application here. And please send your resume to Kailey Cornett at kcornett@hopeclinicforwomen.org.


  • Date Posted: May 1, 2024
  • Type: Full-Time
  • Job Function: Administrative
  • Service Area: Children / Youth
  • Start Date: 05/31/2024
  • Salary Range: $70,000-$75,000
  • Working Hours: 40 hrs/wk; M-TH 8:30-5pm, F 8:30-2:30pm