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Mid-Cumberland Community Action Agency

Board Member – Williamson County

Mid-Cumberland Community Action Agency


Job Summary

The Board of Directors plays a unique and important role in the life of Mid-Cumberland Community Action Agency. The board offers consistency in purpose, intent, and responsibility. The governing board acts as a body, not as individuals, and its members are bound by the Duties of Care, Loyalty, and Obedience, bearing legal liability for their individual actions as well as those of the corporation. Through its tri-partite structure – which requires the involvement of those representing those we serve, elected officials, and the private sector – our unique, yet challenging, board structure allows Community Action to be made up of diverse, engaged, local community members at agencies across the nation.

Job Responsibilities


  • Identifying the needs of the community
  • Establishing the Agency Mission Statement including long- and short-range goals of the Agency and evaluating progress in meeting them
  • Formulating strategic plans for Community Action, Inc.
  • Approving overall plans and priorities
  • Determining major personnel, fiscal, and program policies
  • Hiring and firing of the Executive Director
  • Overseeing the extent and quality of the participation of the poor in the programs of Community Action, Inc.
  • In addition, the CSBG Act states that boards must fully participate in the development, planning, implementation, and evaluation of programs supported by CSBG.
  • The board must also ensure that the ROMA Cycle is used to guide the agency in these efforts.
  • Community Action Agency boards must find ways to fulfill their responsibilities while maintaining their governance role and not becoming involved in operational activities.
  • Financial and programmatic reporting may become more frequent and the Board will be asked to approve an annual agency-wide budget.
  • Customer Satisfaction Data will be collected and reported so the board can use this information in its deliberations and planning.
  • Additional policies may be created which the board will need to review and approve.
  • Legal review of bylaws and personnel policies will need to occur periodically.
  • Training and Orientation of board members will be conducted with an expectation that all Board Members are active participants.


Must reside in Williamson County and meet the requirements of a Target Population Board Member.

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  • Date Posted: March 22, 2024
  • Type: Board Member
  • Job Function: Other
  • Service Area: Board Leadership