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Martha O'Bryan Center

AmeriCorps VISTA Data & Analytics Specialist

Martha O'Bryan Center


Job Summary

About Martha O’Bryan Center 

Martha O’Bryan Center is an anti-poverty non-profit organization located in East Nashville. With longstanding history and deep community roots, Martha O’Bryan Center (MOBC) operates programs supporting education goals for learners of all ages, empowers youth and adults in their careers, and provides stability and support services for individual families. You can learn more about MOBC here.  


AmeriCorps is a federal year-of-service program. AmeriCorps VISTA builds capacity in the organizations they serve by researching, implementing, and overseeing sustainable projects. Members will serve at MOBC’s main site. Members receive a living allowance and, upon successful completion of hours, an education award of $7,395. Martha O’Bryan Center has had a cohort of AmeriCorps members since 2011. Check out Martha O’Bryan Center’s AmeriCorps website here!  

Job Description 

The primary role of the Data & Analytics Specialist is to develop a strategy that enables MOBC programs and partners to efficiently and effectively use data to (1) analyze community and organization needs, (2) make informed decisions to improve programming and community support, and (3) use data analytics & visualization to effectively demonstrate impact and success.

Job Responsibilities

  • Analyze MOBC’s data processes and programs and city-wide data trends 
  • Conduct a formal evaluation of at least one Martha O’Bryan Center program 
  • Partner with program managers to develop data-driven continuous improvement models 
  • Assess citywide data pools and integrate findings to strengthen Martha O’Bryan Center’s collaborative impact efforts 
  • Participate in AmeriCorps professional development and community-building workshops 



  • Over 18 years of age 
  • High School diploma or GED 
  • Legally eligible to work in the U.S. (you can see the requirements here) 
  • Pass a background check to work with vulnerable populations  


  • Experience in coding, relational databases, data analysis, or data engineering 
  • Bachelor’s degree or currently enrolled in a program; or relevant post-secondary certification 
  • Self-motivated 

Physical Demands & Accessibility 

  • N/A 

Additional Information


AmeriCorps VISTA members receive… 

  • $22,880 living allowance (paid out in increments twice monthly over the course of 12 months) 
  • $7,395 in education award upon successful completion of service 
  • $500/month in housing allowance (paid directly to utility companies, landlords, or mortgage lenders) 
  • Unlimited access to MOBC’s food pantry 
  • Monthly professional development and/or networking opportunities 
  • One year toward MOBC seniority (upon successful completion of service) 

How to Apply

Apply online HERE


  • Date Posted: June 4, 2024
  • Type: VISTA / AmeriCorps
  • Job Function: Analytics / Evaluation
  • Service Area: Social / Human Services