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How does my organization begin a consulting engagement with CNM?

Your organization is considering getting help from a nonprofit consultant. Now what? CNM can help match you with a qualified consultant in your area of need! This process begins when the potential client (nonprofit organization) connects with CNM by using this intake form or by emailing consulting@cnm.org.

From there, our consulting team will set up a discovery call with you, advise you on next steps, and match you with a consultant based on client preference, skill set, availability, area of need, and fit. Check out this page to learn about our consultants.

How will my organization be matched with a consultant?

CNM matches clients with a consultant based on skill set, area of need and consultant familiarity, prior experience, facilitating style, availability, and client preference. Clients are encouraged to explore this page to familiarize themselves with our consultant experts and their project focus to provide input to CNM’s consulting team on consultants they would like to work with.

What is included in the cost of the consulting engagement?

Three main components are included in the cost of the consulting project. First, consultant preparation time is included, which covers any time the consultant spends designing materials or deliverables, researching, and preparing for facilitation. Next, the cost covers the consultant time on- site, or time engaged with the client. Finally, the cost includes any follow-up required by the consultant such as emails, phone calls, and documentation. The time required for preparation, on-site meetings, and follow up is budgeted in the original scope and contract. Any changes in consultant’s time on the project must be made through a contract amendment.

How long until my project begins?

Expect it to take 2 to 4 weeks from the initial discovery call to reach a proposal. This time can be quicker or shorter as it depends on the client and consultant schedules as well as the project scope.

How long does a consulting project take?

The length of a project is dependent on the type and scope of the project as well as client and consultant schedules. Time commitments can range from one-day facilitations to several month-long projects.

How much should I expect to spend on a consulting project?

The cost of a project is dependent on the nature of the work. However, no matter what your budget is we will do our best to meet it. CNM is conscious of limited budgets. Not all needs will be covered in one consulting project, but a project scope can be designed to fit almost any of your budgeting needs.

Are there ways to offset the cost of consulting?

Are you funded by The Healing Trust, West End Home Foundation, the Dan and Margaret Maddox Fund, or the Memorial Foundation? Email consulting@cnm.org to discuss the next steps in the funding process.

What other considerations should I have when starting a consulting project?

Seeking buy-in from your organization is critical. You will need buy-in from the leadership of the organization including the executive director and the board to have a successful consulting engagement and implementation.

What if I want to change the scope or timeline of my project after the contract is signed?

Changing your project after signing a contract is easy to do as long as you have open communication with your consultant and CNM. To change the scope or timeline, including extending the project, an amendment is created and signed.