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CNM Sustainable Practices Award

Award Summary:

CNM recognizes the importance of sustainability as a business approach that integrates economic, environmental, and social stewardships within a community. The CNM Sustainable Practices Award will focus on the impact and contributions that local nonprofit organizations demonstrate in the Greater Nashville area.

Any local nonprofit is eligible for the award regardless of their focused mission area if they meet at least one of the following:

  • The organization exhibited creative flexibility with programming and mission implementation in a year when it might not have been possible to remain fully focused on the environment and sustainability.
  • Capturing the impact of reduction in waste and energy usage, the improvement of air quality, clean transportation, etc.
  • Providing education and outreach that elevates sustainability awareness within the local community through leadership and social programs.

Finalists Awards:

An award of $5,000 will be presented to the winner and $1,000 each will be awarded to two finalists at the Center for Nonprofit Management’s Salute to Excellence Awards.

 Requirements for the Sustainable Practices Award:

  • Must be an organization that has been a 501(c)(3) for at least three years and is a member of CNM and provides significant services to the Greater Nashville area.
  • Local chapters of national organizations may apply provided the chapters are locally managed and have financial information available specific to this locality.

Previous Winners and Finalists:

  • Winners and finalists of this award are not eligible to reapply for one year. (For example, if the agency was a finalist in 2022, the agency is eligible to re-apply for this award in 2024.)


Providing specific examples will help our panelists get to know your organization best.

CNM believes in creating an equitable, connected community. We aspire to be a brave, inclusive, collaborative space for nonprofits, their partners, and the communities they serve. If applicable, we encourage responses that reflect how diversity, equity and inclusion may have informed your approach to sustainability.

Thank you for taking the time to share this nomination – we look forward to learning about your exceptional work!

1. State your organization’s sustainability outlook or mission. (Limit response to 200 words)

2. What programs has your organization created to encourage improvement and change in the environment and sustainability practices? If you pivoted your programming, describe how your approach differed during the pandemic. (Limit response to 400 words)

3. Describe the measurable impact (i.e. quantifiable results) on reducing carbon footprint, waste, energy usage, etc. within your business practices?  (Limit response to 300 words)

4. Describe the measurable impact (i.e. quantifiable results) on reducing carbon footprint, waste, energy usage, etc. within the community? (Limit response to 300 words)

5. Explain how sustainable practices part of your strategic outlook are, specifically as it relates to the triple bottom line (People, Planet, Profit) include examples that demonstrate your leadership as an agency that is financially, environmentally, and socially responsible. Explain if and how your strategic direction changed due to shifts in the past few years. (Limit response to 200 words)

6.What are your organization’s plans to continue and improve your sustainability practices this year and beyond? (Limit response to 300 words)