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CNM Revenue Development Award

Award Summary:

This award category recognizes agencies that develop new or more effective ways to generate revenue. We are looking especially for new approaches – either to fundraising or diversifying revenue through nonprofit or for-profit activities. The revenue should be sustainable and ideally should help the organization weather the challenges of the economy.

Finalists Awards:

An award of $5,000 will be presented to the winner, and $1,000 will be awarded to each of the two finalists at CNM’s annual Salute to Excellence.

Requirements for the Revenue Development Award:

  • Must be an organization that has been a 501(c)(3) for at least three years and is a member of CNM, providing significant services to residents of Middle Tennessee.
  • Local chapters of national organizations may apply, provided they are locally managed,

have their own tax-exempt status and have full financial information available locally.

  • In keeping with The Frist Foundation’s general funding guidelines, hospitals, nursing homes, and retirement homes are not eligible.

Previous Winners and Finalists:

  • Previous winners of the Revenue Development Award are not eligible to reapply for three years. (For example, if the agency was a winner in 2022, the agency is eligible to re-apply in 2026.)
  • Previous finalists may re-apply, but not for this award for one year. (For example, if the agency was a Revenue Development finalist in 2022, the agency is eligible to re-apply in 2024.)


CNM believes in creating an equitable, connected community. We aspire to be a brave, inclusive, collaborative space for nonprofits, their partners, and the communities they serve. If applicable, we encourage responses that include examples of diversity, equity and inclusion considerations in your approach to revenue generation.

  1. Describe the main revenue sources that your organization uses to sustain its operations; try to use

percentages when possible. (400 words.) *

  1. Over the last three years, how has your organization been creative in changing, replacing or adding to its revenue sources? (400 words.)
  2. How have your recent revenue-generating efforts altered your future approach to raising revenue? (Limit response to 400 words.