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Goodwill Industries of Middle TN

Senior Business Intelligence Architect

Goodwill Industries of Middle TN


Job Summary

The Senior Business Intelligence Architect enables data-driven decision-making by collecting, transforming, and publishing data information. The Senior Business Intelligence Architect works with executives and other business leaders/data owners to identify KPIs that contribute to the success of organizational goals and inform business decisions. This role must build an understanding of the business at a level of detail that enables them to identify and address critical issues and trends within the data. They provide accurate, traceable, and reliable data and ensure that the information is readily available to users for direct consumption or integration with other systems.

Job Responsibilities

Strategy and Planning

  • Assess and cultivate long-term strategic Business Intelligence (BI)/Analytics development goals with end users, managers, clients, and executive stakeholders. Will assist in building data/information awareness and data literacy across the organization.

Acquisition, Deployment and Standardization

  • Conduct research and make recommendations on BI products, services, and standards in support of procurement and development efforts.
  • Evaluate and select database/data warehouse/data lake components, including hardware, relational database management systems, Extract Transform, and Load (ETL)/Pipelines software, metadata & master data management tools, and database design solutions.

Operational Management

  • Understand and have in-depth knowledge of strategic goals and business unit operational plans to help the business team with holistic data landscape.
  • Lead in designing data management efforts to ensure data governance exists across the enterprise and data is accurate, secured, and reliable.
  • Assist or develop, construct, test, and maintain current and target state data architectures and models.
  • Using business intelligence tools, lead in developing reports, data visualizations, dashboards, and other outputs. Also drives toward having a unified data glossary and reports/dashboards repository.
  • Provide training and support to departments using business intelligence reports and dashboards daily.
  • Provide data education to crucial business groups to raise awareness of what information is readily available in the data warehouse for analysis.
  • Monitor data quality and work with internal stakeholders (data owners and users) to identify and correct data quality issues.
  • Effectively communicate ideas, plans, priorities, and results through presentations and communication with cross-functional teams.
  • Perform data profiling to validate business requirements and key assumptions and identify potential data or process gaps.
  • Use data to discover tasks that can be automated.
  • Follow IT Infrastructure Library’s (ITIL) best practices for change management and data governance.



  • Bachelor’s degree or technical certificate in Computer Science/Data Analysis/Data Science.


  • 5 – 7 years of experience working in business intelligence and data analytics.

Knowledge and Skills

  • Statistics, including modeling and forecasting.
  • Strong knowledge of database structures and systems.
  • Strong data storytelling abilities.
  • Excellent organizational and analytical abilities.
  • Access to skills or proficiency with Structured Query Language (SQL) and other needed data preparation.
  • Use of programming languages and tools (python/r/java).
  • API understanding and programming.
  • Working knowledge of ETL/ELT and data warehouse processes.
  • Experience interfacing with executives and cross-functional teams.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Domo or other business analytics system experience is preferred.

Additional Information


How to Apply



  • Date Posted: May 26, 2023
  • Type: Full-Time
  • Job Function: Information Technology
  • Service Area: Social / Human Services