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Update Your Membership Records

The Primary Member Contact is the ‘keyholder’ of your organization’s CNM Membership. The PMC will have the responsibility to affiliate new and additional staff members to your organizational membership, remove outdated affiliations, and will receive mailings related to membership renewals.
Who should be affiliated with your organization?
Review the current affiliations with your organization on your Dashboard. Scroll down to ‘Affiliations’ and then click ‘Dashboard’ listed next to your name to view all current affiliations with your organization. Please list the names and email addresses of additional staff that should be affiliated with your organization, allowing them to access membership benefits. As a reminder, your CNM Organizational Membership covers all staff members, Board members, and/or volunteers, and each should have their own login. Press + to add additional lines.
Email Address
Who should be able to post jobs for your organization on CNM's Job Board?
Job posting permissions must be manually assigned in our database to affiliated users. Not every affiliated member will need access to posting jobs. Please list the users in your organization who should have access to the complimentary job postings (maximum of 5 users). Press + to add additional lines.