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Moves and Grooves, Inc.

Youth Program Manager

Moves and Grooves, Inc.


Job Summary


The Program Manager will have oversight and manage multiple elementary, middle, and high school locations during the ten-month school year and will oversee the day-to-day seven-week summer camp operations


The Program Manager reports to the Executive Director within Moves and Grooves

Job Responsibilities


Under the direction of the Executive Director, the Program Manager will:

-Oversee assigned daily operations for afterschool programs to ensure we are always at an average of 80% capacity (recruit and retain a minimum of 25 students at each site throughout the school year with the help of site coordinators)

-Maintain a positive relationship with school administrators with weekly check-ins

-Plan and coordinate community partnership meetings

-Collect student and programming impact data

-Monitor and audit programming to ensure staff is adhering to grant requirements and student/school safety guidelines

-Manage the reporting of student attendance for all school sites by site coordinators (EZ Care, Up Active, SWRPS)

-Supervise site coordinators for accountability and performance measures

-Assist site coordinators to develop and schedule program activities in accordance with specifications and funding limitations

-Schedule a weekly one-on-one meeting with Executive Director, also attend Tuesday Morning Admin meeting

-Manage the assessment tool that measures student growth and program impact using assessment tools (such as Woodcock-Johnson Assessment, Learning Style Assessment, YPQA student surveys, etc. )

-Create parent engagement activities, workshops, orientation, and open houses throughout the school and create a parent advisory board at each school that volunteers, fundraises, and provides program feedback

-With the collaboration of the MAG administrative staff to create a school year calendar that includes staff professional development and staff monthly training which creates a collaborative culture amongst the staff

-Build rapport with the school personnel (meet homeroom teachers, attend PTO meetings, at school events) twice a quarter at each school site. Create a teacher appreciation event once a year at each school with the students’ assistance. With at least 3 check-ins annually with each school’s principal to strengthen our partnerships

-Ability to assist in preparing and managing the program’s budget

-Create a monthly communication tool to share student impact and program activities with schools, teachers, parents, and community partners. Include a timeline or consistent date these newsletters or communication will be distributed 

-Monitor program expenditures ensuring that budget allocations are adhered to

-Responsible for making sure all sites have the necessary supplies and snacks

-Plan end-of-school year and end-of-summer field trip for students

-Complete LEAPS self-assessments per site, mid-year report, and final report, maintain attendance records

-Complete NAZA invoice

-Manage the day-to-day functions of the 7-week summer camp (planning, staffing, showcase, ordering costumes, etc.)

-Evaluate program effectiveness to develop improved methods

-Serve as a liaison with schools regarding student performance and program effectiveness

-Attend all required training (YPQA, PYD)

-Ensure all staff are current with required certifications and take immediate corrective action when necessary

-Must be self-motivated and able to lead others to act in a positive and favorable way

-Assist with staff planning, selection, development, providing regular assessments, as well as facilitating annual performance evaluations

-All other duties as assigned by the Executive Director



-Bachelor’s degree, preferred

-Minimum 2-5 years experience in youth program development and management

-Minimum 2-5 years experience working with diverse youths


-Entrepreneur spirit to run the program department with the vision and mission of the organization

-Strong interpersonal, communication, facilitation, management, and leadership skills

-Ability to work independently and stay on task with little direct supervision, has strong moral aptitude

-Ability to build a positive relationship and rapport with students, parents, school personnel, and MAG Staff

-Ability to monitor, assess, and report on programs and services

-Advanced organizational and computer skills

-Reliable transportation and valid driver’s license to travel to various school sites, possibly transport students

-Excellent follow-through with staff, parents, and admin to make sure tasks are completed

Additional Information


Moves and Grooves offers…

  1. An open, welcoming work environment where everyone’s opinion is valued, appreciated, and respected.  We teach the same to our students.
  2. Health insurance allowance of $3000/ year paid biweekly ($115.38) in a paycheck.
  3. Flexible work hours (laptops provided).  Core office hours are 10-5 with a 30-minute lunch.  That’s 32.5 hours/week. Saturday training/events,  average 1 time/month with adjustment made in work schedule the following week.  No overtime is required.  Work-life balance is encouraged.
  4. Work from home.  Temporary WFH allowance provided until permanent office location is opened.
  5. Referral incentive.  If you refer an employee, after 90 days of satisfactory job performance, you get a $100 referral bonus on the next payroll. 
  6. Professional development reimbursements (job-related) up to $500/year.
  7. After 90 days:
    • Holiday pay for 8 federal holidays (no school/office closed), plus 3 days for Thanksgiving, and 3 days for Christmas break. 8 holidays: New Year’s day, Martin Luther King day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, and Veteran’s Day.
    • Up to 3 days of bereavement leave for immediate family (spouse, children, parents, siblings)
    • We trust you will get your work done and take time off, within reason, to recharge when needed.  We expect every employee to take ownership of their work and get it done within a reasonable timeframe or by the specified deadline, when applicable.

How to Apply

Send resume with cover letter (including salary requirements) to btaylor.movesandgrooves@gmail.com

No Phone Calls, please.




  • Date Posted: August 20, 2023
  • Type: Full-Time
  • Job Function: Programs and Service Delivery
  • Service Area: Children / Youth
  • Start Date: 08/21/2023
  • Salary Range: DOE