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Nashville Humane Association

Volunteer Coordinator

Nashville Humane Association


Job Summary

The Volunteer Coordinator will report to the Director of Operations (DO) of the Nashville Humane Association. In this role, the Volunteer Coordinator will serve as the leader NHA’s Volunteer Program and is responsible for managing the overall recruitment, training, and coordination of volunteer efforts to serve Nashville Humane. The Volunteer Coordinator will manage and execute the day-to-day scheduling, coordination and activities of the Volunteer Program at NHA. Additionally, the Volunteer Coordinator will serve as the leader of the Humane Education Program at NHA and is responsible for the management, coordination and execution of NHA’s educational outreach to schools, students and the general public regarding NHA’s mission of animal welfare. This position requires a person with strong interpersonal communication and organizational skills.

Job Responsibilities

VOLUNTEER MANAGEMENT – (80% job tasks/time)
• Work with DO, Executive Director, and other appropriate staff, to develop, implement and execute the strategic Volunteer Program outreach and execution plan for NHA, including annual, monthly and weekly objectives. Regular status reports. Formulate and recommend strategies to expand and improve operations.
• Responsible for providing shelter staff with appropriate placement of volunteers including but not limited to animal care, fundraising, educational endeavors, foster care, transportation, building and grounds needs, marketing, promotional, major, small and community events.
• Responsible for recruiting, training, and scheduling volunteers. Additionally responsible for driving new volunteerism, engaging new volunteers, retaining current volunteers, and maintaining effective relationships with community volunteer organizations.
• Assist when volunteer concerns arise. Be a central point of contact for all volunteers and volunteer-related questions and activities.
• Create and execute volunteer orientation meetings at ideal times to leverage peak volunteer engagement. Create and execute volunteer training sessions to ensure that volunteers meet the appropriate requirements for animal care and shelter safety standards. Collaborate with Marketing Team to ensure meetings and events are adequately promoted on appropriate channels.
• Create and execute a Volunteer Program tiered experience system which will progressively allow volunteers to engage with tasks of greater responsibility as they progress through the tiered experience system.
• Manage tiered experience-based Volunteer system that allows volunteers to have progressive levels of shelter roles and responsibilities
• Develop and maintain NHA Volunteer Handbook and other informational guides, tutorials, and collateral materials as necessary.
• Develop and maintain NHA Volunteer Database which will track volunteer efforts, time, volunteer contact information, and engagement. Prepare a monthly activity report to be shared with DD, ED and shelter leadership.
• Responsible for all volunteer outreach communications. Communications include, but not exclusive to: informational emails regarding shelter needs and events or efforts being made, a quarterly newsletter, volunteer appreciation.
• Develop and maintain in-house volunteer activity task board to allow and prioritize daily shelter tasks for volunteers to execute, especially in the circumstance when the volunteer coordinator is not available to directly assign specific tasks to specific volunteers.
• Create and organize group volunteer events as necessary including: corporate giveback days, group volunteer events and other similar activities.
• Collaborates with Events & Outreach Coordinator, DO, ED and other appropriate staff members to ensure that events and other activities are appropriately staffed and the volunteers are appropriately managed and tasks are assigned.
• Participate in NHA events to engage the public and drive more volunteerism toward NHA. Create Volunteer-specific recruiting events and work to expand and improve volunteer participation in all aspects of NHA process.
HUMANE EDUCATION – (20% job tasks/time)
• Work with DO, ED and other appropriate staff, to develop, implement and execute the NHA Humane Education Program outreach and execution plan including annual, monthly and weekly objectives. Regular status reports. Formulate and recommend strategies to expand and improve operations.
• Design, execute, develop and maintain Humane Education curriculum promoting animal welfare, animal care, importance of spay and neuter, the NHA mission and services, etc. for use at schools, with students, in-house and at other appropriate outreach events.
• Responsible for the execution and presentation of the NHA’s Humane Education curriculum to students, at schools, in-house at NHA, and other general public events when appropriate.
• Create and execute outreach communications to engage opportunities for NHA to share its Humane Education program with students, at schools, and the general public when appropriate. Responsible for the creation and execution of all Humane Education outreach communications.
• Develop and maintain NHA Education Outreach Database including contacts at schools, events and other outreach areas.
• Collaborate with Media/Communication Team to ensure that Comm. Team members are able to identify relevant content about events, and Comm. Team members are able to gather content for promotion and recap during events.
• Prepare a monthly activity report to be shared with DO, ED and shelter leadership regarding the current Humane Education events, future schedule, progress and suggestions for process and program improvement.

Responsible for submitting and operating within departmental budget. Responsible for supporting shelter staff, when necessary, at the direction of the Director of Operations and Executive Director. Additionally, this position may be responsible for other duties as assigned though not specifically numerated above and for all duties specifically delegated by the Director of Operations and Executive Director. Possess high degree of discretion, integrity, professionalism and accountability, consistent, punctual and regular attendance, professional image and demeanor both in-person and online. Able to work flexible hours including evenings, weekends, holidays and overtime as needed; able to travel as needed. Minimum physical requirements: Able to successfully travel and maneuver within the day-to-day workspace, able to lift and transport up to 50 pounds, Valid Driver’s License. All positions require working with, and in direct contact to, shelter animals and various other wildlife.


Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree, or educational equivalent. 2+ years of professional experience with volunteer management. Additional experience working with the public, developing and maintaining excellent relationships to support goals/mission, a plus. Qualified candidate will be a “people” person first who is adept at speaking to, organizing and managing groups of individuals. Additional professional experience may be considered as replacement for degree, specific to volunteer management or social/organizational enterprise. Should possess strong collaboration, organization, oral & written communication, time management and project management skills. Basic computer experience including MS Office suite and social media platforms. Able to work flexible hours including some nights, weekends, holidays.

Additional Information


Paid Time Off
Health Insurance
Matching Simple IRA
Dental Insurance
Vision Insurance

How to Apply

Qualified and Interested candidates should submit a Cover Letter and Resume via email to: with the SUBJ: Volunteer Coordinator. Please no calls or DMs.


  • Date Posted: July 21, 2021
  • Type: Full-Time
  • Job Function: Administrative
  • Service Area: Animal Welfare
  • Start Date: 08/09/2021
  • Salary Range: $37,000-$54,000
  • Working Hours: 8am-5pm, M-F, some weekends