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Cumberland Heights


Cumberland Heights


Job Summary

The Self-Contained Classroom Teacher provides classroom instruction for multiple grade levels of adolescents, ages 13-18 years, in a non-traditional classroom setting.  This position is responsible for managing student records, communicating with school systems, and ensuring that individual learning plans and curriculums are followed. This position ensures that all educational services provided are in compliance with Tennessee Department of Education Rules and Regulations governing residential (transient) school services.  This position reports directly to the Teaching Principal and/or Director of Adolescent Services under ARCH Academy, which is an accredited Category I non-public high school.

Job Responsibilities


  1. Provides year-round, multi-grade level instruction to primary and extended care patients participating in residential rehabilitation at an alcohol and drug addiction treatment center.
  2. Communicates and consults with referring family members and/or guardians, zoned school systems, teaching colleagues and other referral sources concerned with student achievement, behavior and development while in treatment setting.
  3. Works closely with teaching principal of ARCH Academy in planning, record keeping, and delivery of curriculum provided by individual schools to students
  4. Gathers information from a variety of sources (i.e., home school, administrators, teachers and/or parents) for assessment of referred primary and extended care patients and in identifying the learning needs of students.
  5. Assists in development, selection and delivery of classroom materials, considering factors such as individual needs, abilities, learning levels and physical limitations of students
  6. Accommodates the varied learning styles and developmental levels within the self-contained classroom setting
  7. Arranges and adjusts assistive technology and equipment utilized by the students in the classroom to assist in meeting individual needs
  8. Manages behavior in ways that motivate the learning process and the development of self-esteem in conjunction with Twelve Step philosophy
  9. Reports student progress, maintains up-to-date records of student progress, and delivers instruction according to appropriate grade level placement and IEP expectations
  10. Maintains and provides up-to-date lesson plans and program planning for students with special needs.
  11. Assists in integrating primary and extended care patients back into their regular school setting upon completion of residential treatment program
  12. Participates in the evaluation process by the teaching principal and program director as provided by the Tennessee Department of Education Rules and Regulations.
  13. Participates in training, feedback, and daily supervision of students in primary and extended care program
  14. Participates in training as described by the Tennessee Department of Education School Approval Process.
  15. Documents pertinent clinical information into the electronic patient record.
  16. Ensures that a welcoming, safe and healing environment is maintained for each patient and family throughout the continuum of care.
  17. Recommends ways to improve the quality and delivery of services.
  18. Ensures proper handling and distribution of company funds.
  19. Maintains confidentiality of company and patient information.
  20. Reacts productively to change.
  21. Performs other duties as assigned.


Bachelor’s degree required; Current Tennessee Professional or Apprentice-level teaching license required, with ability to become certified in Special Education endorsement through Praxis testing.  Specialization in Math and Science preferred. Minimum two (2) years experience in teaching field or related environment preferred.

Additional Information


Competitive benefits include medical, dental, vision, life, and disability insurance, 401-K, PTO

How to Apply

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  • Date Posted: August 10, 2022
  • Type: Full-Time
  • Job Function: Educator
  • Service Area: Children / Youth