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Mercy Multiplied America, Inc.

Residential Assistant, Relief

Mercy Multiplied America, Inc.


Job Summary

Mercy Multiplied, a Christian residential home for women, comprised of four U.S. homes, has an immediate opening for a Residential Assistant, Relief (Part-Time) at our home, located in Nashville, Tennessee.

Mercy Multiplied is dedicated to help young women break free from life-controlling behaviors and situations, including eating disorders, self-harm, drug and alcohol addictions, unplanned pregnancy, depression, sexual abuse, and sex trafficking. Our program is voluntary, biblically-based, and free of charge to young women ages 13 to 32. It uses proven methods, lasts approximately six months, and features a multi-dimensional approach to heal body, mind, and spirit.


Job Responsibilities


Nights – Hours: Monday-Thursday, 4:30 PM to 8:30 AM

• Answer the telephone and direct calls to the proper extension/voice mail, answer questions, etc.

• Pass out incoming mail.

• Monitor meal and snack time.

• Supervise the residents while doing their nightly details.

• Check night and morning work details, and fill out work detail check list.

• Distribute residents’ medications and records medications accordingly.

• Distribute razors and other sharp personal items to residents.

• Monitor residents during free time.

• Monitor shower time.

• Staff locks kitchen and checks surrounding doors.

• Responsible for making a quiet time room check each night and also a final lights out room check.

• Staff is responsible for answering phones during the night.

• Report any major problems to Residential Supervisor and/or Program Director

• Unlock kitchen for residents to start breakfast. Prep Team.

• Responsible for doing a room and bed check to see if all beds are made properly.

• Hold residents accountable to follow program expectations and confront areas of concern or need.

• Resolve any conflict between the residents if they cannot resolve it themselves.

• Document contacts/disciplines/training opportunities to ETO and daily reports.

• Email communication with home staff as needed.

• Must be responsible for safe transportation of residents when needed.

 Weekends (varying shifts):

• Supervise Friday, Saturday and Sunday work details including meals and clean up.  This also includes snack time.

• Answer phone calls and takes messages.

• Report any major problems to Residential Supervisor and/or Program Director.

• Coordinate residents’ personal phone calls and visits.

• Assort mail and distribute to residents.

• Disperse medication to the residents as needed.

• Transport the residents to special events on the weekend and to church on Sunday morning.

• Check residents out for the weekend visits, if needed.

• Fill out necessary form for residents leaving for the weekend.

• Discipline residents when needed.

• Check work details including the bathroom details.

• Pull the phones out for the residents’ incoming calls on Saturday and outgoing calls on Sunday.

• Get movies on Friday night/Monitor content of movies.

• Monitor the residents’ appearance, conduct and conversations.

• Resolve any conflict between the residents if they cannot resolve it themselves.

• Distribute sodas to the residents twice on Friday and twice on Saturday.

• Assign an alternate for any work duties previously assigned to a girl that is out for the weekend.

• On occasion take residents to the hospital and/or pick up prescriptions from the pharmacy.

• Check all interior and exterior doors at night and set the alarm after lights out.

• Check rooms after lights out to make sure the residents are obeying the rules.

• Check residents’ rooms to make sure all are up and beds are made before breakfast.

• Keep the Residential Supervisor and/or Program Director up to date with weekend schedules.

• Must be responsible for safe transportation of residents when needed

• Other duties as deemed necessary.


Reports to: Administrative Assistant to the Program Director

Education: Some college preferred; must have a high school diploma or pass a general education development test (GED).

Skills: Good communication, works well under pressure, ability to multi-task, ability to set boundaries. Must have a thorough understanding of, and dedication to, the vision of Mercy Multiplied, along with demonstrated Christian work ethics.

*Prior experience in a residential setting is preferred.

Additional Information



How to Apply

Qualified candidates should submit the following information via our website, https://mercymultiplied.com/employment-opportunities.

• Résumé

• Cover letter sharing your heart

• Personal testimony (only up to two pages please)

• Salary requirements

• Where you found job posting

Only qualified candidates need apply (no phone calls please).  

Mercy Multiplied hires and employs individuals who live a life conducive to Christian principles. 


  • Date Posted: May 12, 2020
  • Type: Part-Time
  • Job Function: Other
  • Service Area: Religious
  • Salary Range: $15/per hour
  • Working Hours: As needed