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Tennessee Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence

Program Specialist

Tennessee Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence


Job Summary

This position is a member of a team of Program Specialists.  This team is responsible for providing training, technical assistance and support to member programs and communities statewide.

Job Responsibilities

Specific duties for the position will include, but are not limited to:


Technical Support/Information Dissemination:

  • Plan and implement the annual Rape and Prevention Education Training Institute;
  • Provide training, technical assistance and public policy information on domestic violence and sexual assault to member programs, victims’ rights organizations and communities;
  • Provide training and technical assistance regarding primary prevention to sexual assault centers, health departments, colleges and universities, and other organizations; and
  • Develop, review, revise and implement training curriculums.


Meeting Attendance:

  • Represent agency at community meetings and events as requested Program Coordinator;
  • Attend and coordinate the Statewide Sexual Assault Prevention Committee; and
  • Attend Coalition’s Specialist Team meetings and staff meetings as scheduled.



  • Provide ongoing feedback to Program Coordinator regarding programmatic issues;
  • Respond to requests from programs and victims, including distribution of resources; and
  • Prepare narrative reports to funders as necessary.


Program Support/Development:

  • Coordinate the assessment of statewide domestic violence and sexual assault service delivery;
  • Work with sexual assault centers to develop strategies for engaging men in the prevention of sexual violence and bystander intervention programming in communities across the state;
  • Assist with statewide domestic violence and sexual assault public awareness campaigns; and
  • Work to develop public awareness opportunities surrounding issues affecting domestic violence and sexual assault.


Networking and Advocacy:

Network with other agencies and systems providing services to domestic violence victims and sexual assault victims. Host and moderate a listsev for the sexual assault prevention committee focused on sharing prevention resources and communicating amongst committee members;


Other Duties:

Perform other duties as assigned by the Program Coordinator.



Supervised by and accountable to the Program Coordinator.


  • At least three years experience working with victims of domestic violence and sexual assault;
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the problems associated with violence against women and/or children;
  • Demonstrated ability for organization and administration;
  • Ability to work independently as well as in a team setting;
  • Demonstrated skills in oral, written and interpersonal communications, including computer skills;
  • Experience in grant management;
  • Experience in training on the topics of sexual assault, advocacy for victims of sexual assault, advocacy for victims of sexual assault, and violence against women in general;
  • Experience in providing technical assistance to community programs, including colleges and universities;
  • Experience in developing training curriculum; and
  • Demonstrated ability to gather and disseminate information.

Additional Information


The Program Specialist is entitled to all benefits and leave time as described in the personnel policies and procedures.

How to Apply

Please submit resume and cover letter to:


  • Date Posted: March 4, 2020
  • Type: Full-Time
  • Job Function: Programs and Service Delivery
  • Service Area: Social / Human Services
  • Salary Range: 40,000-42,000
  • Working Hours: Mon-Thurs 8-5:30