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Southern Word

Program Coordinator

Southern Word


Job Summary

About Southern Word

Founded in 2008 based on successful spoken word youth development and education strategies; educators, youth development professionals, writers, and poets built Southern Word from the ground up without substantial institutional or investor backing at the start. We have grown to be a national, non-profit leader in the spoken word education field, serving more than 5,000 youth, 40 schools, and 8 Tennessee counties each year.

Due to our passion for helping youth develop their voices and map their own futures, we have extended programming into music production and writing of all genres. In a culture which aggressively markets products and lifestyles to youth, Southern Word equips youth with the tools to transition from passive consumers into active thinkers, creators, and projectors of their own positive identity.

From guiding and hearing the stories of tens of thousands of youth, Southern Word understands our society’s shortcomings as they relate to youth engagement, literacy, diversity, and mental health. We are responding effectively to some of our most entrenched educational and youth development challenges.

Position Description

The primary purpose of this part-time administrative position is to ensure that all program functions flow accurately, smoothly, and efficiently. This includes roles such as scheduling, documenting, communicating, coordinating, and supporting residencies, workshops, and events. This requires development and implementation of logistical processes to manage contracts, paperwork, and releases. Program coordinator develops and fosters relationships with new and existing program partners. Anticipate 10 to 40 hours a week of work with seasonal fluctuations. For writer educators, position can be paired with residency and workshop teaching duties for the more complete workload. Coordinator must be available on evenings and weekends when necessary to deliver on responsibilities.   

Job Responsibilities


  1. Serve as central coordinating support to ensure smooth and accurate functions of all Southern Word’s residencies, workshops, programs, and events.
  2. Manage and enhance systems for planning and scheduling.
  3. Serve as part of the team developing program curriculum and materials.
  4. Serve as part of the team writing and reporting on grants.
  5. Collect, compile, and organize information and reports related to programmatic activity.
  6. Process human resource related paperwork connected to mentor engagement.
  7. Serve as part of the team creating professional development opportunities for mentors and staff.
  8. Communicate effectively and responsively with all Southern Word stakeholders.
  9. Support the marketing and execution of events.
  10. Participate in internal and external meetings as representative of Southern Word.
  11. Process contracts, agreements, releases, and paperwork related to the administration of programs.
  12. Integrate appropriate technology in order to most effectively execute responsibilities.
  13. Attend weekly staff meetings.
  14.  Participate as part of the team building and executing the overall Southern Word strategy.
  15. Execute additional responsibilities as necessary for success of the team.


Bachelor’s degree. Administrative office experience with a passion for project management and facilitating quality logistics. Ability to self-direct and thrive in unstructured settings by prioritizing activities with maximum impact.  Aptitude for developing and maintaining effective relationships with a variety of partners in diverse settings. Efficiency and accuracy. Responsive and adept via e-mail, text, phone, and social media.  Excellent organizational skills necessary. Ability to work positively with team members to reach goals. Proficiency in office programs including spreadsheet and presentation software. Ability to develop and teach writing programs a definite plus. Interest in growing with a growing organization. Flexibility and positivity in the face of shifting situations.

Additional Information


Vacation Time

Sick Time

Health Care Subsidy

How to Apply

E-mail cover letter and resume to


  • Date Posted: June 21, 2022
  • Type: Part-Time
  • Job Function: Administrative
  • Service Area: Arts / Culture
  • Start Date: 08/15/2022
  • Salary Range: $16 - $22 / hr
  • Working Hours: 10 - 40 hrs/wk