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Edgehill Neighborhood Partnership

NPZ VISTA Affordable Housing Coordinator

Edgehill Neighborhood Partnership


Job Summary

The goal of the project: The mission of the Nashville Promise Zone (NPZ) is to foster intensive partnerships among Nashville’s organizations that serve high-poverty neighborhoods, improve the collective impact of their service, and address revitalization in a collaborative way. This VISTA position will build the capacity of the NPZ by collaborating with organizations that address poverty with a focus on affordable housing.

Job Responsibilities

Objective 1: NPZ VISTA members will work as a collective with local nonprofits and community organizations to address poverty in the Nashville Promise Zone by building the capacity of its residents by addressing the goals of the NPZ: Increase access to quality affordable housing; create jobs and increase economic activity; improve educational opportunities and reduce violent crime, and improve community infrastructure.

Objective 2: Each VISTA member will monitor and engage in one or more of the following activities:

Assist NPZ residents with Job Readiness training; Create capacity-building resources for residents of the NPZ; Participate in volunteer recruitment or management; Participate in community outreach events; Resource mapping; Resource Development and Fundraising; Grant Writing; Tracking Systems; and Development of onsite orientations and training plans.

Objective 3: The VISTA Affordable Housing Coordinator will also support NPZ Work Groups, Steering Committee, and Community Members by assisting in Research, Goal Identification, Planning, and Capacity Building needs of the Nashville Promise Zone.

Responsibilities include:
● Produce a monthly NPZ Eviction Data map that identifies eviction hotspots. The workgroup subzone the captain will share this information with NPZ Steering Committee members on a quarterly basis.
● Track and catalog Affordable Housing resources and organizations for distribution
● Track and report the number of individuals receiving housing education counseling services within the NPZ.
● Curate four quarterly housing education events or Town Hall events to support NPZ residents within eviction hotspots.
● Evaluate and participate in NPZ Working Groups
● Research and recommend applicable best practices to Work Groups and keep participants up-to-date and inform decision making

●Co-lead NPZ Working Group activities and meetings
● Attend internal VISTA Team meetings regularly to discuss outcomes and to brainstorm next steps to fortify self-sufficiency for the overall progress of the NPZ
● Assist Edgehill Neighborhood Partnership staff with capacity building activities as an independent project
● Ensure independent project addresses AmeriCorps VISTA priorities (anti-poverty, community empowerment, sustainable solutions, capacity building)
● Assist in planning and execution of ongoing NPZ projects with the goal of fostering collaboration
● Attend meetings or committees as directed by Onsite Supervisor
● Identify and collect data based on NPZ Key Indicators relevant to affordable housing
● Develop and share stories with meaningful data that illustrates NPZ work
● Capture photos, videos, and stories from events or meetings for the promotion of NPZ work.
● Lead the identification of the different target audiences for the NPZ and develop key messages, strategies, and marketing tools to reach and educate these audiences on access to NPZ opportunities in collaboration with the VISTA team;
● Build capacity of the NPZ Steering Committee to achieve NPZ goals.
● Assist NPZ Steering Committee with any efforts to improve the long-term sustainability of the NPZ including supporting the NPZ in the implementation and progression of the Collective Impact model
● Attend at least two Volunteer Days of Service each month: one day with a Subzone Captain and one with another NPZ Partner organization in that subzone;
● Attend in person or through social media, at least one National Day of Service activity.


Passion for affordable housing


Attention to detail

Ability to manage multiple projects

Additional Information


Child Care

End of Service Benefit

Healthcare Benefits


Living Allowance

Professional Development

Reduction of Education Costs


How to Apply

Please send a cover letter and resume to allison@edgehillpartnership.org


  • Date Posted: May 21, 2021
  • Type: VISTA / AmeriCorps
  • Job Function: Administrative
  • Service Area: Community Development
  • Start Date: 07/09/2021
  • Working Hours: Flexible