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Nashville Adult Literacy Council

Learner and Volunteer Coordinator

Nashville Adult Literacy Council


Job Summary



Founded in 1982, the mission of the Nashville Adult Literacy Council (NALC) is for Nashville adults to learn the reading, writing, and English-speaking skills they need for a better life. NALC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that serves two types of learners: 1) adults who read or comprehend at less than an eighth-grade proficiency, and 2) adult immigrants who want to improve their English skills. We provide our learners with a safe place to learn and grow. We recognize that not everyone learns in the same way or wants the same things. This is why we offer one-on-one volunteering in addition to classroom instruction, so each learner gets the attention needed for success. We are adding a position to coordinate learner and volunteer tutor activities.

Job Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Maintain and monitor learner and volunteer tutor waiting lists.
  • Maintain schedule and support learner and volunteer tutor office hours.
  • Manage inbound learner and volunteer emails, texts, and phone calls, and respond in a timely manner.
  • Manage and direct inbound referrals from partner agencies.
  • Assist volunteers and learners with online curriculum, computers, audio-visual equipment, Zoom, and other educational materials.
  • Create and maintain volunteer tutor and learner accounts in BurlingtonEnglish and other online tools and curriculum.
  • Maintain volunteer tutor training signups and rosters.
  • Communicate with volunteers on training details and next steps. 
  • Monitor volunteer tutor training completion.
  • Monitor NALC Tutor Notes, identify action, and collaborate with ELL Program Manager on responses.
  • Mail and email textbooks and program materials to learners and volunteers.
  • Create learner profiles using existing data in Salesforce.
  • Use Salesforce to track volunteer and learner information and progress.
  • Collaborate with the VP of Community Development on volunteer and learner events, in person and online.
  • Manage and maintain inventory of office supplies.
  • Order office supplies and assist with other office operations.
  • Keep NALC office(s) organized, cleaned, and ready for learners, volunteers, and community partners.
  • Maintain confidentiality of learner and volunteer records and personal information. 
  • Participate in staff development and training sessions with a willingness to work as part of a team.
  • Demonstrate sensitivity to and awareness of cultural differences and education attainment of learners.  

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Support annual registrations for returning learners.
  • Support ELL online classes and schedules, as needed.
  • Support volunteer tutor trainings, as needed.
  • Assist with fundraising and community awareness throughout the year.
  • Attend trainings and/or in-service locally and out of town.
  • Represent NALC in the community, collaborating with other organizations, and professionals in a shared programmatic space.
  • Record time and prepare other forms when requested.
  • Other duties as assigned.



  • Ability to travel to NALC Office(s), Community Centers, Public Libraries, and other locations convenient to learners.
  • Commitment to NALC’s mission and the ability to convey its message.
  • High level of patience, positive attitude, and flexibility.
  • High levels of motivation, self-reliance, and independence.
  • Ability to troubleshoot/problem solve.
  • Excellent technology skills with ability to help others with technology questions and issues.
  • Strong communication, administrative, and organizational skills.
  • Ability to work independently while prioritizing and managing a varied workload.
  • Ability to express ideas clearly, both in written and oral communications. Strong interpersonal and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to plan, prioritize, manage, control and execute tasks in a timely and organized manner.

Additional Information



Medical insurance with vision/dental supplement


How to Apply


  • Date Posted: June 24, 2022
  • Type: Full-Time
  • Job Function: Administrative
  • Service Area: Education
  • Working Hours: Vary