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High Hopes Development Center

Lead Teacher

High Hopes Development Center


Job Summary

  • Read admissions packet and any/all information
  • Develop and maintain a positive relationship with families
  • Administer Brigance or HELP every 6 months, or at specialized intervals
  • Write assessment summaries based upon the training provided
  • Update classroom goals and distribute to appropriate parents each month
  • Develop IPP goals monthly and send to parents

Individual Responsibilities

  • Arrive on time for work or contact Director of Education when delayed
  • Work assigned number of hours each day
  • Be reliable in attendance and give ample notice for absences
  • Come to work with a positive attitude
  • Approach criticism with a learning attitude
  • Communicate directly and avoid gossip
  • Be flexible
  • Demonstrate honesty, integrity, and commitment to confidentiality
  • Show initiative in problem solving and be open to new ideas
  • Resolve issues and conflicts within classroom team; if resolution is not accomplished, schedule a meeting of all parties with the Director of Education for further discussion
  • Approach challenges with imagination and a sense of humor
  • Create a welcoming, positive environment school-wide by:
    • Being actively engaged with children
    • Speaking to children at eye level
    • Being friendly and worm with children, parents, and other staff members
    • Using appropriate words, voice, and tone
    • Encouraging children’s independence and self-help skills
  • Complete 20 hours of relevant training each school year/ seek out training opportunities in addition to those offered at High Hopes
  • Attend staff meetings and participate in activities that will benefit the entire teaching staff

Job Responsibilities

  • Establish and maintain professional communication with coworkers, supervisors, parents, therapists, and other agencies serving the student, communicating with their families, coworkers, and visitors in a professional, positive, consistent manner
  • Serve as an ambassador for and representative of High Hopes to families, other professionals, and the community
  • Provide a safe classroom environment conducive to learning and playing, consistent with High Hopes’ mission and philosophy
  • Continue professional growth and attend scheduled in-service and teacher meetings
  • Assist Director of Education in selecting materials for classroom, in resolving problems of students in the program, and in training new teachers, co teachers, teacher assistants and volunteers within our program, specifically those in your classroom
  • Become familiar with students in other classrooms, in the event it is necessary to provide coverage where and when needed
  • Develop materials as needed for each child’s individual need
  • Provide appropriate physical care to the students as needed included, but not limited to diaper changes, feeding, first aid
  • Maintain daily notes on each child, providing details on each child’s day
  • Participate as a member of the interdisciplinary team to develop or maintain and Individualized Preschool Plan for each child; including assessment at least twice annually for each student; initial assessment of new students shall be done within 4 weeks of enrollment
  • Attend and participate in IFSP meetings and/or IEP/IPP meetings with representatives of other agencies, when invited and requested by your supervisor
  • Actively participate in fundraising efforts and attend fundraisers and High Hopes events
  • Maintain current CPR certification and first aid training
  • Obtain TB testing every three years
  • Demonstrate, through actions and words, compassion, empathy, care, and respect for each student in our program, as well as all other staff members
  • Comply with HIPAA policies and procedures
  • Abide by High Hopes’ standard of conduct, as outlined in the Employee Handbook


  • Bachelor’s Degree, or higher, in child related field of study (Early Childhood or Special Education, preferred) or 10 or more years of preschool teaching experience 
  • Experience with young children with and without special needs
  • U.S. citizen or eligible to work in the United States
  • Hold a valid TN driver’s license 
  • Assume direct responsibility and primary care of each student in the classroom
  • Maintain an environment consistent with DOE childcare licensure rules, including safe and clean environment for children 
  • Manage your classroom by providing an appropriate example, guidance and instruction for co teacher, teacher assistants and other visitors in your classroom
  • Work with parents and applicable therapists to create an Individualized Preschool Plan (IPP), including developmentally appropriate goals for students receiving therapy services or developmental delays
  • Maintain goal development and progress monthly for students with goals 
  • Develop lesson plans and units incorporating the needs of each child with and without special needs according to the applicable Individualized Preschool Plan and High Hopes’ curriculum guide and aligning them with TN Early Learning Developmental Standards
  • Complete all forms (included but not limited to : incident report, permission to medicate, sick child notice, etc.) and maintain signatures
  • Share information and delegate responsibilities regarding student care and daily classroom chores with co teachers and teacher assistants who assume care for children in your classroom
  • Work professionally as a team with co teacher, therapist, or any other professional working with students in your care and modeling best practices 

Additional Information


  • 16 Paid Holidays—7 National Holidays and 9 Seasonal Breaks
  • PTO (paid time off)- All exempt and non-exempt associates working more than 30 hours per week on a regular and consistent basis are eligible for PTO accrual. PTO is used as needed for sick and/or vacation leave.
  • Insurance Provided by Blue Cross and Blue Shield—Medical ($315 paid by High Hopes), Dental ($15 paid by High Hopes) and Vision (at employee expense).  Supplemental insurance is offered through AFLAC at employee’s expense. 
  • 401k Provided by American Funds– High Hopes does not match employee contributions.  May contribute before tax and after tax Roth. 

How to Apply

Please send your resume and cover letter to Sarah Roelke at


  • Date Posted: June 2, 2022
  • Type: Full-Time
  • Job Function: Educator
  • Service Area: Children / Youth
  • Working Hours: 40 hrs/wk