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Linden Waldorf School

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First Grade Class Teacher

Linden Waldorf School


Job Summary

Linden Waldorf School is seeking a qualified and motivated individual to serve as class teacher in the lower grades. Candidates must possess a commitment to personal and professional development and an enthusiasm for collegial work. We offer mentoring, opportunities for professional development, and a workplace supportive of pursuing Waldorf certification.

We are looking for someone who will teach from an understanding of Waldorf education and Rudolf Steiner’s indications on child development. This person will work as a part of a committed team of teachers and be an active member of our school community.

Waldorf class teachers have a unique relationship to their class because of their opportunity to know their students across years and across disciplines. Teachers make a significant commitment to their classes, both in endeavoring to know their individual students well and in bringing a rich and solidly academic curriculum to the class as a whole. This relationship involves creating a productive working relationship with the parents, as well as a cooperative relationship with colleagues.

All employees are subject to the requirements of the Employee Handbook. In addition, all teachers are required to teach the curriculum outlined in their grade-specific Scope and Sequence, available upon request.

Job Responsibilities

Classroom Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Arrive on campus each day by 7:45 a.m. to prepare the classroom for student arrival which begins at 8:00 a.m. for lower grades—prompt and regular attendance is an essential duty and responsibility of this position
  • Prepare for and instruct morning lesson, painting, form drawing, and practice periods
  • Develop and maintain a safe, harmonious social environment for the students
  • Document and record student progress primarily through the use of narrative descriptions and grades according to agreed upon standards
  • Conduct a minimum of three class parent meetings per year
  • Prepare a yearly class play or presentation as indicated by the curriculum
  • Plan and carry out a yearly class trip as indicated in the curriculum
  • Create and maintain a grade-appropriate, aesthetically pleasing, and orderly classroom space


Administrative Responsibilities

  • Attendance and participation in weekly faculty meetings, three (3) in-service sessions in the beginning and end of each academic year (August and June) and spring of each year (February or March).
  • Attendance/assistance at major all-school activities in accordance with the All School Event Guidelines
  • Participate in committee work for the school
  • Attendance at the All School Meetings called by the Board of Trustees
  • Attendance and participation in weekly section meetings
  • Participation in parent conferences


Additional Responsibilities:

All teachers share responsibility for the well-being of the school. Aspects of this responsibility are:

  • Maintaining and striving for an openness to understand and work with the anthroposophical underpinnings of Waldorf education and child development
  • Service on at least one (1) Faculty committee and/or Board of Trustees of the school. First year teachers may be exempt from this requirement
  • Be available and willing to create age-appropriate aesthetics in classrooms including nature tables and seasonal displays
  • Be available and willing to participate in enrollment process of new students in areas such as, but not limited to, student interviews, parent interviews, student skill assessment, and arranging for prospective student 3–5 day class visits
  • Participate in the design and execution of an individualized plan for professional development
  • Attend Waldorf education summer training as identified as appropriate by the school
  • Other duties as assigned by administration


Preferred Qualifications:

Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university

1 – 2 years previous classroom experience

Have completed, or be willing to complete Waldorf certification

Familiarity with Waldorf education

Additional Information


401k, Dental, Vision, Health

How to Apply


  • Date Posted: November 11, 2020
  • Type: Full-Time
  • Job Function: Educator
  • Service Area: Children / Youth