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Nashville Children's Alliance

Family Support Specialist

Nashville Children's Alliance


Job Summary

Nashville Children’s Alliance (NCA) is the child advocacy center for Nashville and Davidson County. NCA serves all children in Davidson County aged 3 – 17 when sexual or severe physical abuse allegations are reported, with the majority of referrals coming from the Tennessee Department of Children's Services (DCS) and the Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD). NCA is a child-focused, trauma-informed therapeutic environment designed to meet the needs of child abuse victims and their non-offending family members. NCA is involved in child sexual and severe physical abuse cases from the first allegation of abuse until after the case is resolved in court, at absolutely no cost to families. Since 1992, NCA has worked to deliver and coordinate the services required for children to feel safe, begin the healing process, and look forward to bright futures. 

NCA’s mission is to provide healing and justice for children who have been abused or exposed violence. In 2019, NCA moved into the Family Safety Center (FSC), a groundbreaking co-working space that facilitates services between Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD), the Department of Children’s Services (DCS), the District Attorney General’s Office (DA), and various nonprofit organizations. In collaboration with these partners, NCA works with children and non-offending caregivers using three evidence-based approaches: forensic interviews, Child Protective Investigative Team (CPIT) coordination, and trauma-informed therapy.  

This position provides advocacy, crisis support, and case management services to child victims and their supportive family members.

Job Responsibilities

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Meet with non-offending caregivers when they bring their children to the NCA for a forensic interview, and provide information about the center and its services.
  2. Provide parent packets to and discuss contents with non-offending caregivers.
  3. Provide crisis intervention and safety planning to parents/caregivers of children presenting for services.
  4. Conduct a needs survey with the non-offending parent and identify immediate needs.
  5. Assist non-offending parents in accessing needed resources, including applying for Victims Compensation.
  6. Make appropriate referrals for therapy for their children, and manage the clinical waiting list.
  7. Provide on-going support to non-offending parents/caregivers through the investigative and healing process.
  8. Maintain documentation of all client and agency contact. Track cases and enter information into the case tracking system until final adjudication and/or closed to services.
  9. Communicate with other professionals involved with the client/case as necessary and appropriate.
  10. Attend Child Protective Investigative Team case reviews with relevant information, such as client progress and safety concerns.


College degree in social work, psychology, criminal justice, child development or a related field and at least two years’ work experience with children and families are required. Must have demonstrated knowledge of child abuse and neglect and child development.  Fluent in Spanish and English preferred.

Additional Information


Nashville Children’s Alliance is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion.  NCA does not discriminate in regards to gender, race, sexual preference, sexual identity, national origin, religion, disability, age or marital status in the recruitment, selection, or placement of employees.

Nashville Children’s Alliance offers excellent paid time off and recognizes 20 holidays throughout the year.  NCA provides insurance options including medical, vision, dental and life.

How to Apply

Please send a resume and cover letter to Dr. Gina Crean at with the subject line “Family Support Specialist”.



  • Date Posted: August 10, 2022
  • Type: Full-Time
  • Job Function: Programs and Service Delivery
  • Service Area: Children / Youth
  • Working Hours: 37.5