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Hope Clinic for Women

Business Coordinator

Hope Clinic for Women


Job Summary

Hope Clinic is seeking a customer-service-focused office professional to work in the finance/human resources department. Track and manage financial data, maintain records, prepare reports, file financial documents, and work with our accountant.  We use Dext, Xero, Salesforce, and Paychex.  

Job Responsibilities


  • Bi-monthly Payroll for approximately 26 employees.
  • Weekly calculation and report of donations through PayPal, Qgiv, and Fundraise Up.
  • Pull ACH Report twice a month.
  • Work with our accountant to close the books monthly by the 5th day of next month.
  • Ensure Tax-Exempt status is filed every year.
  • Funds are batched daily into Salesforce.
  • Work with the receptionist and accountant to reconcile income batches.
  • Print checks from the accountant weekly, get them signed, and put them in the mail at the front desk.
  • Help with federal and state monthly grant invoicing.

Human Resources

  • Set the schedule for the interview process with the candidate and the relevant management.
  • Schedule the onboarding process with everyone for the newly hired employee.
  • Background Checks both for new candidates and everyone every 3 years.
  • Reference checks – send to the Business Director, Relevant Director, and CEO.
  • Keep up the Vacation/Sick/Personal and P.T.O. spreadsheet.
  • Update the TN Dept. of Labor website with employee changes.


  • Coordinate sending all business and medical files to storage that are older than 3 years old and maintain tracking of each box sent over, along with shred date when applicable.
  • Keep up an inventory list of all office equipment – phones, laptops, medical equipment, desks, etc. for inventory and tax purposes so that we can better plan replacement dates.
  • Assist with some grant administration to help with deadlines and submissions.
  • Become a Salesforce guru to help several departments with reports to help plan their projection.
  • Building Vendor Management (building cleaning company, Terminix, etc.).
  • Troubleshoot initial Printer/Phone/Security System issues.
  • Other duties as needed.


Preferred Qualifications/Skills: 

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience
  • Experience in fields of business, accounting, human resources
  • Certification in bookkeeping is a plus
  • Customer service experience  
  • The ability to meet deadlines
  • Payroll skills
  • Proficient in Word, Excel, Office 365, and SharePoint 
  • Clearly communicate financial data
  • Data entry
  • Detail-oriented and organized
  • Patient and quality-focused approach to customer service 
  • Ability to prioritize tasks based on importance 
  • Excellent communication and problem-solving skills 

Additional Information


Hope Clinic for Women offers a wonderful set of benefits for employees.  We understand that benefits can keep, attract, engage, and retain employees.  We strive to be both compassionate and competitive so that our employees feel welcomed and supported throughout their employment.  Below is a list of benefits we offer.

  • Health, Dental, and Vision – Full-time employees are eligible to enroll on the 1st day of the month after 60 days of employment.  The company pays a set amount (this year that is $550 per month, per employee).  If the insurance rates are higher than $550, the employee pays the difference.  If the employee prefers insurance from an outside 3rd party, that employee may be reimbursed that amount monthly up to $450 from the company.
  • 401(K) Match – All employees are eligible to sign up for the retirement plan on the 1st of the next quarter following 60 days of employment.  The company pays a match of 25% of every dollar from the employee into their plan. The company matches maxes out when the employee puts in 8% of their salary, although employees may certainly contribute more than that 8%.
  • Paid Holidays – This benefit is for full-time employees. Hope Clinic currently has 13 paid holidays.  
  • Vacation Days – Full-time employees begin with 10 vacation days a year they may use.  Vacation days are accrued and used on a calendar year, Jan 1st-Dec. 31st.  An employee may roll up to 5 unused vacation days into the next calendar year.
  • Paid Time Off (PTO) for Part-Time Workers –  Part-time workers are allowed up to 3 Sick/Personal Days a year. These 3 days may be used for an emergent need, such as the employee’s personal health, family care leave, etc.
  • Personal/Sick Days- Full-time employees have 6 days a year they can use for sick/personal time.  These days are accrued throughout the calendar year.  Personal/Sick Days cannot be rolled over into the next year.
  • Birthdays Off – Full-time employees are eligible to have a paid day off for their birthday that is to be taken around a week before or after their birthday.
  • Counseling Services – All employees are eligible for up to 8 sessions of company-paid counseling. If an employee would like to set this up, please speak with the CEO.  This service is done by a 3rd party counseling agency, and we handle all issues with the highest confidentiality.
  •  Maternity/Paternity Leave – Full-time employees are eligible.  Hope Clinic for Women will pay for 4 weeks of maternity and 2 weeks of paternity for employees. 
  • Chaplain Services – All employees eligible.  Hope Clinic partners with a 3rd party to give us access to our own chaplain.  Our current chaplain, Janice, comes onsite and can be reached by phone or online meetings.
  • *New* SmartDollar Financial Wellness – All employees eligible. Financial wellness training, tools through Financial Peace University, a budget app (EveryDollar), free tax filing (SmartTax), 1:1 financial coaching, retirement planning, and debt payoff plans, are available for staff and their family.   
  • Bonuses – All employees are eligible.  If Hope Clinic for Women has a good year, financially, and if the board approves, we may provide bonuses for employees at the end of our program year. 
  • Staff Retreats – Once a quarter, Hope Clinic invites all employees for a one-day staff retreat.  We will go over vision, training, planning, and fun activities.
  • The company supplied – laptops, free parking unless our parking lot gets full, continuing education, and ongoing training are offered to employees with some restrictions. 
  • Remote Work – If reasonable, Hope Clinic may offer an employee the chance to do some of their work from home or other locations other than the workplace. 
  • Shortened Work Week – Hope Clinic for Women closes every Friday at 2:30 pm for all staff.
  • Staff Events – On occasion, all staff are invited to a fun team event such as a Nashville Sounds or Predators game.  We also receive tickets sometimes to various events around town and we like to share them with employees.

How to Apply

Please go to our website at  Hopeclinicforwomen.org and at the bottom of the home page you will see, “CAREERS”

Click on the position you are interested and send in your resume and fill out the online application, please.

You can send your resumes to Kdavenport@hopeclinicforwomen.org


  • Date Posted: June 14, 2024
  • Type: Full-Time
  • Job Function: Accounting / Financial Management
  • Service Area: Health (Physical, Mental)
  • Working Hours: 37.5 work weeks; M-Thurs, 8:30-5pm, Fridays 8:30am-2:30pm