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Anti-racism + Microagressions [DEI Workshop – Member Price $20] – (Online Classroom)

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Facilitators: Zarita Fears, people3

In this workshop, we will unpack the social construct of race, the historical experience of race in America, and the impact of racial microaggressions. While we understand that race is a social construct, this “imaginary status” has very real consequences. In this data-driven workshop, we discuss that it is not enough to not be racist; you must be actively anti-racist. We give participants the skills needed to identify and reframe racist ideologies as well as specific guidance on how to correct the behavior that perpetuates racial stereotypes. We provide real-world examples of the impact of microaggressions and how to respond if you are the person who said something, thought you said something, are on the receiving end of a microaggression, and/or how to be an active ally if you see something.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the terminology of anti-racism, the history of the racial experience in the United States, key demographics, and work to understand the importance of racial diversity and the impact of inclusion
  • Develop awareness of racial differences, anti-racist practices, and how microaggressions perpetuate racial ideologies and practices
  • Learn the language of equity and inclusion to move beyond assumptions and become an active anti-racist ally.

Note: This workshop can be used as an elective for all CNM Certificate programs requiring additional electives for completion.

*Workshop times are Central Standard Time.

October 4th, 2022 from  1:00 PM to  4:00 PM
Zoom - You will receive a link upon registration
United States
Workshop Price
Member $20 / Nonmember $40 $40.00
Certificate Details
Certificate Course Anti-racism + Microaggressions (CI), Anti-racism + Microaggressions (PL), Anti-racism + Microaggressions (VPM), Anti-racism + Microaggressions (Rev Dev)