How to use visual tools to fund & sell your mission

March 28, 2017

How to use visual tools to fund & sell your mission
Which of the below sets of information is easier to understand? The list of numbers on the left or the line graph on the right?
Visuals play an important role in funding and selling your mission. Read the below breakout session description for "Pictures Matter: Using Visual Tools to Convey the Power of Statistics," led by CNM's own Community Strategist Kim Carpenter Drake to learn more.
Breakout session description:
Numbers are not usually exciting. But, while the power of the nonprofit sector often rests in stories and testimonials of change, statistics have their own story to tell – when presented with clarity. Data is sometimes difficult to understand, but graphics are universal and a picture is worth 1,000 words. So how can you combine the power of data with graphics in a way that can be understood by all? Visuals such as dashboards and infographics translate information for efficient communication, and can help connect social scientists working in the field with those who can fund and sell their mission. Seeing is believing! Don’t wander into “uncharted” territory without first joining us for this conversation and case study analysis. Session participants will leave with the knowledge of when and how to use visual tools to empower strategic decision-making.

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