Success within College Bound Bash

June 25, 2015

Success within College Bound Bash

by Libby Funke Luff, NextUP Committee

College Bound Bash is seeing multiple successes in its third year. “This summer we get to bring back students that are in their second and third year of college,” said Robyn Price, Director of Post Secondary Success for Martha O’Bryan Center. “We get to invite students who have persevered and shown resiliency.”

College Bound Bash is a program sponsored by NextUP Martha O’Bryan to support vulnerable youth in East Nashville. The goal is to help high school seniors succeed at higher education through mentoring and providing basic materials needed to be successful.

After finishing high school programs like Top Floor at Stratford High School and College Zone at Maplewood High School, select students are referred to the College Bound Bash Program. Each student has applied and been accepted to college, but that is just the beginning of unchartered territory for many of these teens.

Most of the students involved will be the first in their family to attend college; they don’t have the money to buy essential college items like book bags, note pads, pens, pencils and papers. College Bound Bash uncovered these obstacles and utilizes mentors to help these students succeed.  Typical conversations happen through social media and texting, but there are also generous organizations like the Nashville Predators who donate hockey tickets so students and mentors can enjoy evenings out.

College Bound Bash culminates in a tailgate-style party where students gather, wear their schools shirts, ‘shop’ for their supplies and enjoy a relaxing afternoon in the Martha O’Bryan Gym. Local caterers provide food, games are enjoyed and DJ Snupey will play the latest tunes. This year, because of continued support from the community, we can provide supplies for rising freshmen as well as returning upperclassmen.

NextUP is constantly looking for support for the College Bound Bash program. This year we are helping over 100 students by giving them book bags, comforter sets, shower caddies, USB drives, dictionaries, alarm clocks and many other items so they don’t feel separated from other incoming freshmen. You can help support CBB and NextUP here.

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