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CNM Leadership Award

Award Summary:

The CNM Leadership Award recognizes nonprofits that have risen above substantial fiscal problems through effective turnaround management. The award is presented to an agency that has made a significant turnaround over time. The definition of turnaround is your organization’s success in, or substantial progress toward, tackling a seriously negative or damaging situation that confronted your agency. The results of your efforts include a positive outcome which has enabled the organization to be better able to achieve its mission.

Finalists Awards:

An award of $5,000 will be presented to the category winner. $1,000 will be presented to each of the two finalists.

Requirements for The Memorial Foundation Leadership Award:

Must be an organization that has been a 501(c)(3) for at least three years, is a member of CNM, and provides significant services to the Middle Tennessee area.

  • Local chapters of national organizations may apply if they are locally managed and have financial information available locally.

Previous Winners and Finalists:

  • Previous winners of this award are not eligible to reapply for three (For example, if the agency was a winner in 2022, the agency is eligible to re-apply in 2026).
  • Previous finalists of this award may


 This award focuses on organizations that have gone through a time of intense managerial/financial stress and have turned things around through leadership, strategy, and vision. A more comprehensive story will help our review committee get to know your organization best.

CNM believes in creating an equitable, connected community. We aspire to be a brave, inclusive, collaborative space for nonprofits, their partners, and the communities they serve. If applicable, we encourage responses that reflect how diversity, equity, and inclusion may have informed your organization’s approach to dynamic change leadership.

Thank you for taking the time to share this nomination – we look forward to learning about your exceptional work!

  1. Please write a description of your organization’s turnaround including specific references and dates before and after situations, and information about how you resolved the issue(s). (Limit response to 1,000 words)
  2. Include a description of how the turnaround has enabled you to achieve your mission, and the success that you are currently having in serving your community. (Limit response to 1,000 words)