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Job Summary




The F.I.N.D. (Families in Need of Direction) Design is a 501(c)(3), community-based organization, serving Mid-TN middle and high schools’ girls of color by using strength and gender-based, culturally relevant framework to promote cultural history and traditions. This framework embraces girls through powers, gifts, and talents to stimulate the characters of girls of color who desire to become high achievers in their schools and communities. Programs, through partnerships through the school system and juvenile court, are extremely diverse, extending from prevention to intervention, school-based, after-school, and summer “experiences”. The goal of The F.I.N.D. Design programs are to identify girls that are “lost in the shuffle”, are not being heard, and as a result, fall victims of generational trauma and systematic oppression. Our services provide a platform where they can be heard, offered support, and be given tools to build on these strengths. As a result, these strengths they possess, can be used to enhance their lives not only culturally, physically, emotionally, but also mentally, and spiritually. 


Job Responsibilities

KEY ROLES (Essential Job Responsibilities)

  • Assist the Director of Programs with recruiting, interviewing and selecting program participants.
  • Facilitate initial and on-going trainings (i.e. training program volunteers, coaches, “ally”, parents/families. 
  • Lead and organize strength-based, culturally-relevant programming for girls weekly and potentially once a month on a Saturday through guest speakers on a variety of topics (i.e. self-identity, purpose, social skills, stress management, anger management, grief/loss, advocacy, healthy behaviors, etc.)
  • Coordinate matching coaches with youth and maintain lasting volunteer relationships.
  • Conduct monthly community-based program presentations.
  • Work with the Director of Programs and Executive Director to assess the program and provide continuous program improvement.
  • Attends in-service training and completes annual training requirements and certifications (CPR and First Aid).
  • Create content and materials for dissemination.
  • Conduct on-going evaluation of the program.
  • Develop and Maintain professional relationships and daily contact with staff, volunteers, program participants and leadership to receive/provide information, discuss issues, explain guidelines/instructions; instruct; and advise/counsel.


  • Participate in other events (fundraising, special events)
  • Submit accurate, timely, reports.
  • Aid in or handle special assignments as directed.
  • Assist with social media and other marketing initiatives. 
  • Can speak in front of a crowd and present a program. 
  • Perform basic administrative work. 



  • High school diploma or GED required.
  • One-to-Two years general work experience or equivalent number of hours worked in part-time or volunteer work. 
  • Must demonstrate awareness and acceptance of cultural differences of clients, staff and community contacts
  • Must demonstrate awareness, acceptance, and ability to work with the girls of color.
  • Ability to motivate youth and manage girls that have been labeled has having “behavioral” challenges.
  • Computer literacy and competency
  • Efficient planner – must be able to organize and schedule work priorities.
  • Demonstrated ability to make decisions and judgments with youth safety and security foremost.
  • Demonstrated ability to accept responsibility.
  • Demonstrated ability to accept and follow thru on supervisory direction.
  • Demonstrated ability to establish appropriate relationships and to effectively influence teens in manner consistent with organizational philosophy.
  • Background compliant 
  • Valid driver’s license, clear driving record and current automobile insurance.

Additional Information



How to Apply

Send resume and qualifications to


  • Date Posted: September 8, 2020
  • Type: Full-Time
  • Job Function: Programs and Service Delivery
  • Service Area: Children / Youth
  • Start Date: 09/14/2020
  • Salary Range: 20,000 - 25,000
  • Working Hours: 25 hrs/wk w/ Flexibility