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Friends Life Community

VP of Operations

Friends Life Community


Job Summary

Friends Life Community was founded in 2008 because there was a lack of opportunities for adults with IDD graduating from high school. Now, FLC serves over 60 adults with IDD in Middle Tennessee and their family members. The organization has proven its expertise and success through exceptional programming and the culture it creates around inclusion and dignity for individuals with disabilities throughout Nashville.            

The VP of Operations and Special Projects holds the important responsibility of adopting the vision of the strategic plan and assisting the CEO to create logistical plans that enable every team member to have a valuable role in executing the vision and growing the impact of the mission.

This position is expected to understand the roles and responsibilities of the entire team and develop systems that enable each person to collaborate effectively and efficiently in order for the organization to optimize opportunities and support to individuals with disabilities and their family members. This position reports directly to the CEO and manages the execution and progress of strategic initiatives.

Job Responsibilities

  • Create and manage project plans for strategic initiatives
  • Serve as general manager for program operations
  • Support team members in project management strategies
  • Understand earned revenue structure and grow and sustain overall earned revenue through diversified streams
  • Responsible for annual earned revenue goals as set by CEO
  • Create and manage program budget
  • Measure progress and impact of programs, provide regular reports to CEO
  • Establish project plans for growth and scale and work with team members for implementation
  • Build strategic partnerships and manage relationship agreements and expectations throughout program partnerships
  • Coach team members and provide support to enable each member of the team to leverage their natural skills and gifts in order to further the mission and impact to clients
  • Assist CEO in expanding brand awareness and participation throughout Middle Tennessee
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Belief in and passion for the organization’s mission and brand
  • Bachelors degree required, masters degree preferred and/or equivalent equivalent experience
  • At least ten years of project management leadership and proven outcomes
  • Proven success in motivating teams and inspiring professional growth
  • Willingness to participate in fundraising and ask others to support Friends Life.
  • Demonstration of core values: community, inclusion, and innovation
  • Active demonstration of professionalism and thoughtful judgment
  • Excellent interpersonal and conflict management skills
  • Clear and effective communication skills
  • Ability to demonstrate strong yet compassionate boundaries

Additional Information


As a full-time employee, this position is eligible for the following:

  • Paid time off, starting with 10 days of vacation and paid time off during the two weeks the organization is closed (Christmas and July 4th)
  • Accrual of medical sick leave
  • 70% of health and dental benefits
  • $25,000 life insurance policy
  • 3% matching contribution to Simple retirement plan

How to Apply

Please send a cover letter explaining your interest and how you expect to positively impact the organization and your resume with clear examples of experience for the position to


  • Date Posted: June 30, 2022
  • Type: Full-Time
  • Job Function: Executive Leadership
  • Service Area: Social / Human Services
  • Start Date: 08/01/2022
  • Salary Range: $75,000-$85,000
  • Working Hours: 40 hrs/M-F