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ABAVI Non-Profit

Board Member – Treasurer

ABAVI Non-Profit


Job Summary

An effective nonprofit treasurer is always thinking about how the organization’s finances connect with the overall mission. A nonprofit treasurer is the lead board director of financial management and oversight. The treasurer has a close working relationship with other officers like the board president and secretary. The treasurer takes the lead in helping the rest of the board form financial policies such as who can access funds, who has check-signing authority, how expenses get reimbursed, use of the organization’s credit card and handling of small cash expenses. 

Job Responsibilities

Developing and maintaining ties with commercial bankers to support funding solutions 

Investigating and assessing financial opportunities, as well as making suggestions to the board of directors 

Creating debt repayment plans with lenders 

Ensuring that lender commitments are followed 

Managing a nonprofit’s assets 

Keeping track of your financial flow 

Informing donors, members, and board members about the organization’s operating and financial strategies

Recruiting qualified finance and accounting personnel


Develop financing bids for one-time grants, special mission grants, and sponsorships.

The creation of a budget that promotes the organization’s goals and guides decision-making is a vital aspect of achieving its mission’s success. 

Maintaining accurate records and an audit trail for all transactions (consider setting up an audit committee and appointing an external auditor) 

Protecting the organization against fraud and theft by guaranteeing safe money custody and timely banking 

The treasurer should be aware of who has access to the organization’s funds and who is responsible for any outstanding invoices or obligations.

The treasurer is responsible for developing and maintaining procedures to ensure the organization’s long-term stability.

Reconcile bank accounts and prepare financial information for presentation to the board of directors

Ensure that tax-related documentation and legal forms, such as those necessary to preserve the organization’s tax-exempt status, are filed in a timely manner

Examine the yearly audit and responds to queries from the board of directors


Graduate from a two year or four-year College/University in accounting.

Two years’ experience working as a Treasurer for a nonprofit organization.

Tax preparation experience for a non -profit organization.

Two years’ experience creating a financial budget for a nonprofit organization

Two years’ experience preparing financial reports

Effective communication skills

Knowledge of Microsoft Office 365 software

Must be knowledgeable and have working experience with financial software

Must be comfortable with developing financial reports and presentations to the board.

Must have data and financial analysis skills

Must have ethical and cultural diversity best practices

Effective communication skills

Additional Information


Volunteer position

How to Apply

Send resume to include on subject line: ABAVI Board


complete the survey online. Include a short introduction as part of your response to question number four. Please include your contact information.     


  • Date Posted: August 22, 2022
  • Type: Board Member
  • Job Function: Accounting / Financial Management
  • Service Area: Board Leadership
  • Start Date: 11/14/2022
  • Working Hours: 10hrs/wk; open schedule- remote