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Systems Transformation Director



Job Summary


TennCare is Tennessee’s managed care Medicaid program that provides health insurance coverage to certain groups of low-income individuals such as pregnant women, children, caretaker relatives of young children, older adults, and adults with physical disabilities. TennCare provides coverage for approximately 1.4 million Tennesseans and operates with an annual budget of approximately $12 billion. It is run by the Division of TennCare with oversight and some funding from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).


TennCare’s mission is to improve the lives of Tennesseans by providing high-quality cost-effective care. To fulfill that purpose, we equip each employee for active participation and empower teams to communicate and work collaboratively to improve organizational processes in order to make a difference in the lives our members. Because of the positive impact TennCare has on the lives of the most vulnerable Tennesseans, TennCare employees report that their work provides them with a sense of meaning, purpose, and accomplishment. TennCare leadership understands that employees are our most valuable resource and ensures professional and leadership development are a priority for the agency.


Long-Term Services and Supports is one of the largest units within TennCare. They will oversee a team that consists of 78 competent staff. The department is committed to leading the ongoing development and operation of innovative, sustainable, person-driven long-term services. It supports (LTSS) system in which older adults and people with disabilities and chronic conditions have a choice, control and access to a full array of high-quality services and supports that assure optimal outcomes, such as independence, health, and quality life.

The Statewide Director of Systems Transformation is a crucial position, encompassing responsibility for leading a range of mission-critical initiatives that seek to transform the entire Long Term Services and Supports system. That mission is person-centered, and that aligns policies, practices, and payments with system values and outcomes, including employment and full community citizenship and participation. This position is responsible for leading statewide LTSS system transformation efforts across Medication programs and authorities, including TennCare’s Section 1915c and 1115 waiver service delivery systems. The Managed Care Director provides leadership and direction for the delivery of high-quality person-centered LTSS to TennCare members. Part of the position’s role is to develop a strategy to address workforce challenges among providers in these programs and support creating a consistent and competent workforce.

Job Responsibilities

• Responsible for System Transformation strategy and the process for implementing culture change with contracted Managed Care Organizations and home and community-based services provider agencies across the state, in accordance with the state’s systems transformation strategic/project plan.
• This position will be responsible for assuring the timely completion of action items and demonstrating milestones in achieving a cultural shift towards real person-centered practices across programs and services.
• Work will include extensive stakeholder engagement, onsite visits, strategy meetings, system transformation support and oversight of provider agencies and contracted MCOs.
• Responsible for developing reporting requirements and templates for submission to TennCare to aid in tracking and trending progress towards the state’s systems transformation goals.
• Develop strategies and processes to ensure sustainability at the system level, the contracted health plan level, the state level, and the individual provider agency level.
• Support MCO and provider compliance with federal HCBS regulations, including person-centered planning and HCBS settings rule.
• Advance efforts to ensure that services comply with the ADA and other integration mandates.
• Lead and direct TennCare LTSS Workforce Development Initiatives, providing vision and strategic direction around workforce challenges and workforce development.
• Provide leadership, direction and oversight of contracted MCOs in their implementation of contract requirements of LTSS system transformation and workforce development including workforce data collection, analysis and reporting; integration of workforce management responsibilities into policies and procedures for network management and support; the development and implementation of an annual workforce development plan; working with TennCare, other MCOs and/or providers to establish Statewide WFD goals, and to plan and implement workforce development initiatives collaboratively; and direct assistance, support, investments and incentives to contracted providers to develop the quality, competency, and sufficiency of their workforce
• Provide oversight on LTSS contracts related to WFD and System Transformation
• Collaborate with Assistant Deputy Chief of Quality, Accountability and Innovation and the LTSS team on a comprehensive workforce strategy that leads to successfully implementing the QuILTSS Workforce Development training program.
• Work with the TennCare Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) Director, vendors and stakeholders to design and implement (subject to availability of approved funding) value-based workforce incentives and investments across LTSS programs and authorities.
• Coordinate with the Value-Based Purchasing Director in the implementation of workforce milestones, including:
o Continued development and statewide rollout of WFD Training Program with the QuILTSS Institute
o Establish processes for collection/use of workforce-related data at provider and system levels
o Provider-specific analysis and training/technical assistance by national subject matter experts to support providers in analyzing and using data
o Training/technical assistance by national subject matter experts to support providers in learning and adopting evidence-based and best practices
o Implement wage incentives for Direct Support Persons (DSP)s upon approval of funding and completion of training milestones
o Incentives for data collection, reporting, and use at the provider level
o Provider incentives for adoption of evidence-based and best practice approaches to workforce recruitment/retention and organization culture/business model changes
• Build partnerships with other state agencies to collaboratively address workforce issues


• Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in a related field
• Workforce Development experience, including staff recruitment, retention, and training.
• Experience in Medicaid and Home and Community Based Services

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  • Date Posted: February 22, 2021
  • Type: Full-Time
  • Job Function: Administrative
  • Service Area: Government