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Healing Arts Project Inc - HAPI

Program Coordinator

Healing Arts Project Inc - HAPI


Job Summary

The Healing Arts Project, Inc. seeks a person with professional art training and experience handling art.  This position requires a person to have the ability to work 30 hours a week. 

HAPI provides free classes taught by a professional artist to a person with a mental illness.  Additionally, HAPI encourages and advances HAPI artists by curating, managing, and promoting public exhibitions of their work across Tennessee.  Exhibits close to peer support centers allow artists and their peers to view their art publicly.  Public display of their work builds artists' confidence and pride in their abilities and brings a new degree of respect and support from their own family and friends.

Job Responsibilities

Responsibilities include:

  1. Manages Instructor relationships:  Assist Program Manager (PM) with recruiting/scheduling art instructors, interns, and volunteers interested in teaching/assisting teachers.
    1. Organizing and attending our annual teacher orientation.
    2. Ensuring our teachers maintain eligibility through the distribution and collection of required documentation.
    3. Collecting class data sheets weekly
    4. Collecting class data attendance, demographics, surveys, and art student rubric
    5. Collect instructor invoices from teachers no later than five days after the 1st and 15th of the month. 
  2. Coordinate with teachers to collect artwork from classes.
    1. End of each teaching term, teachers will select a few pieces from the participants that HAPI would have on loan or add to the permanent collection.  The program Coordinator will be responsible for cataloging the artworks in the Galleria database, adding them to the online store, and prepping them to be exhibited and sold at outreach events or in the TAADAS store.
  3. Provide support to HAPI graduates and local independent artists.
    1. Ensuring regular contact by phone, email, and/or through in-person visits
    2. Assisting with transportation to art events, and other necessary places
    3. Meeting the artist to review their artwork, select pieces to donate, lend or sell and help complete art craft receipts.
    4. Assessing the artist’s use of technology to create a means to communicate and participate in the virtual community
  4. Identify, procure, and schedule public HAPI artwork exhibitions throughout Tennessee.
    1. Keep an ongoing calendar of public exhibits and prepare artist profiles and artist statements.
    2. Build positive relationships with community partners (i.e., educational institutions, coffee houses, wellness clinics, libraries) to procure exhibit space.
    3. Frame art with the help of volunteers and partner framing business
    4. Select, curate, and hang exhibits with all public information (title blocks and sales sheets)
    5. Select marketing material to leave onsite during the stay of the exhibition.
    6. Work with the Program Manager to publicize and market HAPI artists, exhibitions, events, HAPI website, and mission. 
  5. Provide support to the Program Manager:
    1. Entering information from class data sheets into the appropriate Excel Spreadsheet biweekly
    2. Ensuring that art is relevant and rotated regularly
    3. Keeping a log of HAPI’s in-house art supplies
    4. Setting up and breaking down booths for HAPI Outreach events
  6. Assist TDMHSAS in sponsoring Art for Awareness with take-home art bags for participants and outreach to legislative offices for art display.
  7. Assist HAPI's team with annual events (i.e., Service of Hope, Recovery Fest, Art Workshops, Gala, and any other future projects)
  8. Meet performance criteria on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis

Other Requirements

Valid Driver’s License and reliable transportation.

Ability to maneuver or lift 50 pounds.

Ability to work occasional evenings and weekends as required.

Working 70% of the time in the community

Travel within the Middle region of TN



  1. Excellent verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills; ability to build relationships with key constituencies.
  2. Self-directed style, ability to work independently, proactively, and efficiently with only moderate direction or supervision.  Effectively follows through on assignments.  
  3. Experience with personal or family mental illness is desirable.
  4. Ability to exercise sound judgment and ability to identify and avoid conflict of interest.
  5. Work experience in customer relations, outreach,
  6. Experience in an arts-related program or mental health program is preferred,


Additional Information


Flexible scheduling, access to medical subscription services, 

How to Apply

If interested in the position, please email:

Karla Scaife

Program Manager



  • Date Posted: September 30, 2022
  • Type: Contract / Temp
  • Job Function: Administrative
  • Service Area: Arts / Culture
  • Start Date: 10/17/2022
  • Working Hours: Flex hours with some weekend/night availability