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Friends Life Community

Program Coordinator

Friends Life Community


Job Summary

Job title: Program Coordinator
Reports to: Program Director

At Friends Life Community, our mission is to create opportunities for adults with disabilities to
develop socially, grow personally, and enjoy community as they experience life together.

Friends Life Core Values –
INNOVATION: using creativity, technology, evidence-based research, agility and relationships to
exceed industry standards throughout organizational practices to excel in meeting mission and
produce meaningful results
COMMUNITY: fostering a culture of acceptance, fellowship, and accountability where each member
is valued and expected to participate in an exchange of gifts to strengthen outcomes in which all
members benefit
INCLUSION: practicing respect, empathy, and intentional collaboration without bias and celebrating
the successes that come from diverse perspectives working, living, and playing together in harmony
rather than division


Job purpose:
The Program Coordinator position is a direct service position designed to support Program
Specialists, assisting in curriculum delivery in all program areas. This position will positively impact the
organization and its clients (adults with intellectual & developmental disabilities) through the support of
classes and projects that teach skills to enhance clients’ self-control, active participation, and social skills.
This position will represent the mission of Friends and will incorporate its core values and
teaching principles into daily curriculum and program execution. This position will work directly with
clients throughout all programs and will participate in all client skill building and support in order to
decrease dependency and meet client and programmatic goals.

Program Coordinators are expected to bring excellence to program implementation. A successful
Program Coordinator will exemplify sound judgement and decision making, organization and planning
skills, and will actively execute programmatic plans in collaboration with co-workers and
volunteers. Successful implementation of programs will result in clients learning valuable skills that are
practiced within and outside the program, clients increasing their socialization with peers and community
members, clients improving their self-advocacy and independence, and Friends Life Community advancing
its brand and its positive community reputation

Job Responsibilities

Duties and responsibilities: 

Program Support:
• Execute curriculum as directed by Program Specialists for assigned classes.
• Maximize efforts in collaboration with volunteers to successfully implement assigned classes.
• Demonstrate best practices, inclusion, empathy, communication, and relationship-building
with clients to model expected behaviors with community partners and members of the larger
• Provide sound judgement and decision making in order to support the safety and overall wellbeing of all clients.
• Implement program area goals and measure progress, as directed.
Community Collaboration
• Represent FLC in a professional manner and increase positive awareness of mission and
• Incorporate opportunities for clients to be actively involved in community activities and to
educate the general community on the strengths of the clients and value of inclusivity
• Demonstrate and increase awareness of the Friends Life Community brand as experts in the
field of disability services and leaders in innovation and creative problem solving to improve
opportunities for people with disabilities

Event Support:
• Support staff specialists at events to showcase client work and increase community
• Support in evening/weekend activities such as Social Club Events, Friends’ Treat Truck
• Collaborate with team members to advertise, execute, and meet event objectives.

Other Duties:
• Support all program goals and team members in overall organizational goals.
• Fulfill organizational policies and procedures.
• Mentor and coach co-workers and volunteers in organizational culture, values, and policies
with positive attitudes and hold coworkers accountable to exceptional service delivery and
professional program implementation.
• All duties assigned by supervisor.


Qualifications include:

• Belief in the organization’s mission and the willingness to share the FLC brand script with others.
• At least 1 year of experience working with individuals with intellectual and developmental
disabilities preferred, but not required
• Demonstrated ability to teach skills.
• Ability to give direction and feedback to others to accomplish program goals.
• Willingness to learn and receive feedback.
• Demonstration of core values: innovation, community, inclusion.
• Ability to execute programming and projects with a team.
• Active demonstration of professionalism and good judgement throughout all work.
• Understand and demonstrate policies and procedures, safety procedures, and sustain certification
of CPR and First Aid.

Working conditions:
This position is a part-time, hourly position. The position requires the employee to be onsite and in direct
service with the clients unless otherwise approved by the supervisor. It is expected that the employee will
participate in training, events, and other activities as requested by the supervisor, which may take place
after normal program hours.

Physical or mental requirements:
This position is expected to participate in the day program. Activities will include daily exercise with the
clients, physical activity during community outings, class instruction which includes walking and active
participation with clients.

This position is a human services position, working directly with clients with intellectual and
developmental disabilities. This work is most successful when the employee is intentional about self-care
to avoid compassion fatigue and professional burnout.

Due to the nature of the clients served, Friends Life does not intentionally enroll clients with violent
behaviors, however, employees must understand that clients occasionally have behaviors that are
unpredictable or out of the ordinary. These behaviors may include physical harm

Additional Information

How to Apply

To apply, please email resume and cover letter to Olivia Moore at


  • Date Posted: June 14, 2022
  • Type: Part-Time
  • Job Function: Program Management
  • Service Area: Community Development
  • Salary Range: $18/hour