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Turnip Green Creative Reuse

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Program and Site Lead Teaching Artist

Turnip Green Creative Reuse


Job Summary

TGCR Mission: Fostering creativity and sustainability through reuse. 

TGCR Description: TGCR opened in 2010 as Nashville’s first creative reuse non-profit organization. We divert materials from landfills through creative endeavors in four avenues: education, retail space, open studio, and gallery. We use our salvaged materials to create art with students. 

TGCR Program and Site Lead Teaching Artist Position at Glenview Elementary: TGCR offers an aftercare program at Glenview Elementary Monday-Friday from 2:30-5:45 PM. The program aims to inspire creativity and encourage sustainable practices; to build positive relationships with students; and to guide students in their artistic, social, and emotional growth.

Job Responsibilities

As the program lead, this teaching artist is responsible for planning and executing a reuse art curriculum for K-4. The program lead will oversee a team of 4 assistant teaching artists to lead students through snack, physical play, social-emotional learning, and art-making. The program lead will be responsible for communicating with students’ parents and TGCR staff. 

As site lead, this teaching artist will also be the point of communication between school administration and the TGCR program. The site lead will be responsible for monitoring and incentivizing attendance and behavior. 





● Teaching or leading a group (K-4 preferred) 

● Creating visual arts and/or reuse art 

● Working collaboratively on a team. 

Work Ethic

● Punctual and devotes energy to students when leading classes 

● Flexible and willing to take on program responsibilities as needed 

● Creative with reusable materials 

● Environmentally conscious 

● Clear communicator 

● Prepared and forward-thinking 


● Patient, empathetic, and understanding of students, fellow teaching artists, TGCR staff and members, and other members of our community 

● Works well on a team, strengthens community, and furthers our mission 

● Accepting and respectful of all demographics and lifestyles 

● Advocate for and support TGCR by making donations for materials (not those used for TGCR educational programs), attending events, engaging in social media, and/or promoting TGCR 


Additional Information


This position is 25 hours per week. Rate of pay is $15 – $16 per hour.


How to Apply

To apply, please submit resume and cover letter to TGCR Program Manager Erin Boddy at


  • Date Posted: September 22, 2020
  • Type: Part-Time
  • Job Function: Educator
  • Service Area: Arts / Culture