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The Heimerdinger Foundation

Nutrition Educator

The Heimerdinger Foundation


Job Summary

The Nutrition Educator is responsible for supporting nutrition education for all Meals 4 Health and Healing stakeholders, especially clients, teens, volunteers, and the larger community. Working in partnership with other staff, she/he develops and delivers curriculum, trainings, materials and classes that deepen these stakeholders’ understanding of whole foods nutrition and the link between diet, health outcomes, healing/wellness, and a sustainable environment. This role has primary responsibility for the youth curriculum.

She/he reports to the Executive Director and represents Meals 4 Health and Healing locally by participating in and presenting within the local community.

Job Responsibilities

  • Develop and deliver curriculum, materials, and trainings to support clients, teens, and volunteers weekly in having a deep understanding of Meals 4 Health and Healing’s food philosophy and the link between diet and health, and in knowing how to grow, cook and eat for health in their own lives.
  • Oversee and manage classes and other programs to reach stakeholders, the larger Meals 4 Health and Healing’s community and medical professionals about whole foods nutrition, and the link between diet and health. Stay abreast of research on whole foods nutrition and work with Advisory Board member(s) and other outside experts to ensure that Meals 4 Health and Healing’s food philosophy and program represent the latest understanding of how food choices can support health and wellness. Address client questions and concerns as needed.
  • Support the creation of up-to-date documentation of Meals 4 Health and Healing’s food philosophy through “white papers”.
  • Represent Meals 4 Health and Healing at relevant meetings, forums, and conferences locally. Provide presentations and trainings as appropriate to targeted health professionals.
  • Along with the Chef, organize teens each week around learning units and co-coordinate the youth program; meet and review with adult mentors the purpose of mentorship
  • Support M4HH culture and operating principles at all times
  • Collaborate with the Chef on menus plans in nutritional alignment with our food philosophy (special ingredients, equipment, and processes)
  • Contribute to monthly newsletter and other collaterals (infographics, website content, etc.) as needed
  • Participate in staff and operational meetings


  • Passionate about Meals 4 Health and Healing mission
  • Nutrition Education certification required as a minimum (Registered Dietitian degree preferred)
  • Passion for researching and sharing the latest evidence-based information around nutrition, diet, and health
  • Strong people skills and ability to present clearly and effectively to a group
  • Excellent written and oral skills
  • Experienced in managing volunteers
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office including Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Teams
  • Possesses good awareness of self
  • Ability and desire to be in a work environment that values working as a team, collaboration, relationships, and giving and receiving honest feedback.

Additional Information


As this is a part-time role, there are currently no benefits but there is opportunity for growth.

How to Apply

Please send a letter of interest and resume to


  • Date Posted: April 13, 2023
  • Type: Part-Time
  • Job Function: Educator
  • Service Area: Health (Physical, Mental)
  • Start Date: 05/29/2023
  • Working Hours: 10-12 hrs/wk