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Park Center

Medical Records Specialist

Park Center


Job Summary

Serves as part of the intake team by checking program eligibility for potential members referred, communicating with referral sources and ensuring requested materials such as medical records are returned.  Responsible for medical records oversight and conducts HIPAA privacy audits.

Job Responsibilities


  1. Checks program eligibility for all Park Center referrals.
  1. Conducts eligibility verification for all referrals that met initial screening with the Intake Coordinator.
    1. Verifies insurance
    2. Checks appropriate registries
    3. Secures medical records for all referrals by making medical record requests to other providers and follows up regularly until records are secured.
    4. Confirms with Program Directors when referrals have passed eligibility verification.
  2. Schedules appointments for members to attend 1st day of programming or orientation.
  3. Assists with referrals data entry into the electronic medical record.
  4. Works to ensure community satisfaction with the Park Center referral process.
  1. Assists with HIPAA coordination
  1. Conducts organizational privacy audits every other month.
  2. Maintains accounting of disclosures system when records are requested from an outside source.
  1. Serves as key point of contact for medical records
  1. Responds to requests for Park Center records from other providers in accordance with federal HIPAA privacy guidelines.
  2. Maintains accounting of disclosures for all Park Center medical records that are released.
  3. Oversees storage and security for Park Center paper medical records by serving as key point of contact for Richards and Richards.
    1. Establishes new user accounts with the Richards and Richards Vital Records system.
    2. Determines access level for security list for new users.
    3. Coordinates with all departments to make sure they are archiving and destroying records properly.
    4. Facilitates records retrieval from Richards & Richards to the organization as needed.
  1. Conducts post-discharge follow up with members from all programs in the organization. 
  1. Maintains system for re-occurring organizational reports
    1. Monthly referrals summary report
    2. Race and Ethnicity Report
    3. Pending referrals report
  1. Ensures data integrity in the electronic health record system
  1. Ensures appropriate communication is maintained.
  1. Checks e-mail regularly and respond as necessary.
  2. Communicates regularly with staff to meet the needs of the members served.
  3. Maintains open communication with supervisor and Program Directors.
  4. Attends all meetings as required.
  1. Values cultural competence and diversity
    1. Collaborates with staff, members, and the community to gain the perspectives of others having diverse opinions, abilities, values, beliefs, perspectives, and ethnic or cultural backgrounds.
    2. Takes deliberate steps to increase own cultural competency by attending trainings, events, discussions, workshops, etc.
  1. Other Duties:
  1. Is knowledgeable about agency policy and procedures and follow them accurately.
  2. Attends all necessary staff meetings and trainings.
  3. May be asked to cover the front desk when Office Coordinator is on vacation. 
  4. Other duties as assigned.


  • Will have a desk, workstation, and office
  • Able to operate with many distractions
  • Routine office environment


  • Able to sit for long periods of time
  • Able to move or lift over ten pounds




  • Associates Degree from an accredited college
  • Experience in the mental health field and medical records processing preferred
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Good decision-making ability
  • Demonstrate high standards of professional and ethical behavior
  • Must have a valid drivers’ license
  • Ability to be insured to drive others

Additional Information


  • Park Center provides benefits to all full-time employees:
  • Day One – PTO accruals start immediately, access to contribute to the 403b Retirement plan
  • 1st of the month after 60 days – Medical, Dental, Vision, and ancillary plans

How to Apply


1. Submit Resume to

2. Complete and Submit application at Career’s page


  • Date Posted: July 1, 2021
  • Type: Full-Time
  • Job Function: Administrative
  • Service Area: Health (Physical, Mental)
  • Start Date: 08/02/2021
  • Salary Range: $18-$20/hour
  • Working Hours: Mon - Fri, 8a - 4p