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Carnegie Writers, Inc.

Literacy Facilitator

Carnegie Writers, Inc.


Job Summary

The Literacy Facilitator is for the Teen Author Workshop and Carnegie Kids Club at Carnegie Writers, Inc. is responsible for creating a dynamic and engaging learning environment that fosters literacy development and a love for writing among teens and children. This position requires a passionate and creative individual who can inspire young minds to explore the world of storytelling and expression. The Literacy Facilitator plays a vital role in nurturing literacy skills, imagination, and confidence in young participants while preparing them for potential publication opportunities.

Job Responsibilities

  • Lead interactive and engaging literacy sessions during the Teen Author Workshop and Carnegie Kids
  • Club, catering to the age-specific needs and interests of participants.
  • Develop age-appropriate curriculum, activities, and writing exercises that encourage literacy development, critical thinking, and creativity.
  • Foster a positive and inclusive learning atmosphere where participants feel comfortable sharing their ideas and expressing themselves.
  • Guide participants through the writing process, offering encouragement, feedback, and mentorship to help them develop their writing skills.
  • Organize storytelling sessions, group discussions, and interactive activities to enhance participants’ storytelling abilities and comprehension.
  • Promote a love for reading and writing by introducing participants to diverse genres, authors, and literary concepts.
  • Collaborate with key stakeholders to ensure alignment between workshop activities and participants’ educational and developmental goals.
  • Assist participants in refining their work for publication by providing guidance on structure, content, and storytelling techniques.
  • Support participants in preparing their work for showcase events and literary publications.
  • Uphold the organization’s values of inclusiveness, integrity, community-building, and creativity within the workshop environments.


• Experience in teaching, mentoring, or facilitating literacy-focused programs for teens and children.
• Strong communication skills and the ability to connect with young participants.
• Passion for fostering literacy skills, creativity, and a love for storytelling.
• Ability to develop engaging and age-appropriate curriculum and activities.
• Enthusiasm for nurturing a positive and inclusive learning environment.
• Flexibility to adapt activities to participants’ learning styles and abilities.
• Knowledge of diverse literary genres, children’s literature, and age-appropriate writing techniques.
• Experience or working towards internships related to education, literature, or creative writing.
• Commitment to fostering lifelong learning and a dedication to the development of young minds.

Additional Information



How to Apply

Submit a Cover Letter and Resume



  • Date Posted: October 9, 2023
  • Type: Part-Time
  • Job Function: Educator
  • Service Area: Children / Youth
  • Salary Range: $20 an hour
  • Working Hours: 10 hours a week