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CASA of Maury County, Inc.

Lead Advocate Coordinator

CASA of Maury County, Inc.


Job Summary


The Lead Advocate Coordinator provides professional support to other Advocate Coordinators and staff support to CASA Volunteer Advocates so that children involved with the CASA program receive sound advocacy and early permanency planning. 


The Lead Advocate Coordinator is responsible for coordination of cases with each Volunteer Advocate as well as program documentation for the Advocate’s Case, as well as providing oversight for staff in the absence of the Executive Director.  In addition, the Lead Advocate Coordinator works under the supervision of the Executive Director and keeps documentation in case files current, works and communicates with Advocates on the processes and steps of managing cases and coordinates activities with Advocates, such as case management, visits with children and caregivers, documentation of information from visits and interviews with involved parties attending team meetings with DCS and other providers, training, in-service opportunities, and Advocate appreciation activities and events. National CASA Standards direct that a full-time volunteer advocate coordinator can supervise up to 30 volunteer advocates.



The Advocate Coordinator is hired by the Executive Director of CASA of Maury County, Inc. The Lead Advocate Coordinator reports directly to the Executive Director who is responsible for all the Advocate Coordinator’s performance evaluations.

Job Responsibilities

Essential Job Functions


Supervision of CASA Volunteer Advocates including Recruitment, Screening, & Training

  • Complete CASA Volunteer Advocate Pre-service Training online and with existing staff, immediately upon hire (if not already a trained CASA). 
  • Complete Training of Facilitators online through National CASA, upon hire, and through Tennessee CASA at next course offering. 
  • Participate in ongoing CASA Volunteer Advocate recruitment via social media and other marketing avenues.
  • Screen and interview prospective CASA Volunteer Advocates.
  • Supervise Volunteer Advocates as assigned by the Executive Director in Case Management responsibilities as outlined below.
  • Document and manage Volunteer Advocate files with application, reference checks, background checks, interview notes, attendance at training, and all applicable application and pre-screening procedures.
  • Schedule and coordinate training classes and attend classes in the role of a co-facilitator, co-moderator and/or co-presenter.

Case Management

  • Work as a team with other Advocate Coordinators and Executive Director.  However, the Lead Advocate Coordinator will provide supervision of other Advocate Coordinators in the Executive Director’s absence, etc. 
  • Coordinate, document, and channel all CASA requests to other team members, as needed, until resolution.
  • Match CASA cases with appropriate volunteers in consultation with the Executive Director and other Coordinators.
  • Track hours, mileage, and activities for Volunteer Advocates as directed by the Executive Director.
  • Keep case files to document for grantors’ reports. 
  • Go through online tutorials for the CASA Manager database during the first month of hire. Keep CASA Manager updated on cases and advocates in coordination with other Advocate Coordinators.
  • Keep necessary and appropriate child records for each case, requesting documents for academic progress, physical health, mental health, and other related documents for child records in cases.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft 365 and SharePoint for case management and for sharing documentation and records with CASA Volunteer Advocates through email and uploading into electronic case files upon receipt.
  • Assist CASA Volunteer Advocates and other staff in the completion of Victims of Crime Assessments and Client Outcome Survey Questionnaires for each case.  Keep track of all monthly reports and documentation from Volunteer Advocates. Tally information quarterly for grant reports.
  • Consult with CASA Volunteer Advocates monthly at minimum, to discuss any updates and concerns with cases. Collection of Volunteer Advocate Monthly Reports and any other information and data as directed by the Executive Director. Support all Volunteer Advocates and attend Juvenile Court, Child & Family Team Meetings (CFTMs), and Foster Care Review Board (FCRB) meetings for all Cases of those Volunteer Advocates.
  • Assist, review and edit Confidential Case Court Reports from Volunteer Advocates before case in Court.  

CASA Volunteer Supervision

  • Through coordination with the CASA Volunteer Advocate, the Volunteer Coordinator ensures individual case preparation for the representation of the best interest of the children
  • Work as a team with Advocate Coordinators and Executive Director on cases in preparation for court. 
  • Make a minimum of one monthly contact with each CASA Volunteer Advocate and receive a monthly written report from each CASA Volunteer Advocate.
  • Consult with appropriate Department of Children Services (DCS) staff regarding client needs and Volunteer Advocate appointments, coordinating these with the Executive Director and other staff as needed.
  • In coordination with the Executive Director and other Coordinators, review, approve, and distribute volunteer advocate court reports.
  • In coordination with the Executive Director and other Coordinators, coordinate in-service training opportunities to fulfill the 12-hours required by National CASA Standards for all CASA volunteer advocates.
  • In coordination with the Executive Director and other Coordinators, coordinate volunteer appreciation activities.
  • Participate in volunteer evaluations as assigned and coordinated by the Executive Director. 

Program Activities

  • Represent CASA of Maury County, Inc. with respect, honor, and a positive attitude.
  • Attend conferences/seminars/meetings to fulfill a minimum of 12 hours annual in-service requirements.
  • Attend staff meetings as directed by the Executive Director.
  • Submit TimeSheets bi-monthly (11th and the 26th of each month for pay on the 15th and last day of the month) and Mileage Sheets monthly by the 5th day of the following month as directed by the Executive Director.
  • Submit monthly and/or quarterly reports of activities, i.e., public relations, community awareness, service provider network meetings, vignettes of child stories, and other data/information as requested by the Executive Director.
  • Maintain consistent CASA Manager database management for children, cases, volunteers and hours as necessary and requested by the Executive Director.
  • Participate in community awareness events as requested/directed by the Executive Director.

Community Collaboration

  • Assist in locating and engaging/developing relationships with community resources as needed.
  • Make presentations as requested to increase community awareness of CASA’s role in ensuring the best possible outcomes for abused and neglected children in Juvenile Court.
  • Cultivates relationships with the Juvenile Court Staff, DCS staff, attorneys who serve as Guardian ad litem (GAL) and attorneys who represent other parties to the case. 
  • Participates in fundraisers of CASA of Maury County as directed by the Executive Director.


Other duties may be assigned by the Executive Director.


The Volunteer Coordinator should have the following skills and experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree: It is preferred that this degree is in criminal justice, social service, or education, but applicants will be considered with professional experience or degrees in human or child development, psychology, advocacy, and related fields.  One year of experience in the nonprofit or social service field is preferred.
  • The ability to communicate with, coordinate with, supervise, and empower CASA Volunteer Advocates to be effective in their roles.  Experience with volunteers preferred.
  • The ability to work cooperatively and collaboratively with all people in the child welfare system, i.e., judicial staff, service providers, DCS staff, foster parents, and anyone else who may participate in a CASA appointment. 
  • Knowledge and understanding of issues and dynamics within families in crisis relating to child abuse and neglect.  Experience working with such families is preferred.
  • An attitude of respect, non-judgmental and empathetic behavior toward clients, being sensitive to values and beliefs of different cultures and backgrounds.
  • Computer skills in Word, Excel, Access and/or database management.
  • Good communication skills, both written and verbal, i.e., the ability to write effective court reports, present information in meetings and court, and public speaking about CASA.
  • Work schedule requires some evenings/weekends on occasion, as necessary for training and volunteer/case needs.  Once trained, the work schedule includes 1 AWS day with the opportunity for additional AWS days as directed by the Executive Director.
  • Reliable transportation, with valid TN Driver’s license, and insurance.
  • Cell phone, with expense reimbursement, as directed by the CASA of Maury County, Inc. Board policy
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality with children, families, staff, and personal issues.
  • Commitment to CASA’s goals and mission.



Mental:  Requires normal attention with periods of high concentration to complete case review, court reports, documentation, file management, approximately 25% of time.  Requires capability of dealing with periods of interactions with case participants in stressful situations approximately 25% of time.  Requires normal attention and interactions with volunteers in teaching and supervision, approximately 25% of time. Requires the ability to multitask while all the job tasks happen at one time, and while dealing with multiple cases and volunteers demanding a variety of need and attention, approximately 25% of time.

Physical:  Requires walking/standing approximately 25% of time, standing approximately 25% of the time, driving automobile approximately 25% of time, lifting to 30 lbs., approximately 25% of time.

Environmental: Requires capability of performing essential job functions in established office environments under normal lighting and climate control tolerances. Also requires the ability to maneuver in environments which are not handicapped accessible such as private homes and apartments.

Manual Dexterity:  Requires use of hands, arms, and feet for some lifting, use of hands and arms to operate general office equipment and to record written information.

Additional Information



Employees accrue 1 day of sick leave a month after 1 month on the job. 

Employees receive 5 days of paid time off after 6 months on the job, 5 additional days after 12 months of employment.  

How to Apply

Please submit a cover letter and resume through email at  Be sure to put “Lead Advocate Coordinator” in the Subject line of the email.


  • Date Posted: November 1, 2022
  • Type: Full-Time
  • Job Function: Educator
  • Service Area: Children / Youth
  • Start Date: 12/10/2022
  • Salary Range: 35,000-41,500.00
  • Working Hours: 40 hrs/wk